Mech/Exoskeleton Build (Full-Size )


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Hauled out the Ol Marduk torso, and after a bit of repair:



Buying lumber for it each paycheck (week) so when its finished maybe I use it as a showpiece for a million dollar gofundme for a giant robot lazer tag facility. Got a list of press institutions to send releases as well.

And a fun picture of everybody:

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Another update: working on the hip bits and seeing how the arms fit (probably build a second, more robust pair later).
Since my brother broke the tractor moving this is going to be interesting.

Hafta go out this afternoon to talk with the Halloween people about how my mech (dressed in demon skin) will be used in their show. Will probably work on the wheely legs when I get back this afternoon or tomorrow.


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Finally managed to rustle up some build pictures for the wheeled platform (my phone is loathe for its pictures to leave)









Apparently a while ago a local politician came by with flyers and found the giant robot in the dooryard hilarious.


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First time in a while I got a few days to myself, snowing today but should be better tomorrow. So in the meantime I got the optical system together

Step 1:Raspberry Picam looking at my Gunpla

Step 2: Raspberry pi w/ picam & batterypack set up as a webcam server.

Step 3: Laptop connected to portable power supply (I need to get a new battery for it!)

Step 4: External Monitor (with Halo Yggdrasil Prototype HUD via "Rainmeter"!)

Turns out my monitor power cable was frayed, so it let out a large spark and a pop. Luckily everything survived and there wasn't a fire!

Tomorrow (or maybe later today) I'll be faffing around with some new arms for the big bech.


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Built some chunky arms.

20181112_173636.jpg 20181112_173654.jpg

Snowblower gave me a scare: had some freezing rain and some of it got up under the cover, freezing the engine. Had to remove it from the chassis and warm it by the furnace. After pulling the cord about 30x (flushing out the water vapor) it runs fine, but I'm now keeping it indoors!

Hopefully I have an interview with the local news Wednesday, so I gotta clean up the place: computers, battery packs and other components all over my office D:
Maybe install the chunky arms by then.


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Well had my interview Wednesday, then things got a little festive:


Hopefully install the optical system onto the chunky arms so I can test it out. Maybe work on the head aiming mechanism too...


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GMer56, that's awesome, man. Can't wait to see the finished robot fight another finished robot.
That might be a while, but at least a newspaper wants an interview now, and I'll be submitting an application for an entrepreneur jumpstart program ($1000 and some book-learnin on business stuff).

so some stuff was moved inside


and i got som3 more compicated rigging


To support the monitor mount!


Attached with magic and wishes!

A pilots view. Its a touchscreen!

Gotta figure out how to mount the batteries, laptop, and head hopefully before the newspaper interview.
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Aftet some pop rivets and swearing (I attached some parts wrong and had to improvise a quick fix) the head is finally metal. Rock on.

I image:6828.jpg

some tickly kneecaps


And of course a little homage to the commander in chief



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Just saw the tv interview you posted, and man is that awesome! I'm still totally down to fight you when my mech's fully up and running next year.
I'll be sure to get Judd McStudd up to snuff, I don't think you'd stand a chance against MARDUK/ The Trump-o-Tron 2000 :D

Finally got around to that door cupola.

20181209_214336.jpg 20181209_214343.jpg

Gonna break out the fur-lined outerwear and test fit the door this afternoon (barely 20F). Scrounge around for metal in the back shed, maybe install the chunky arms this weekend.

Can really tell which bits have been left outside and what is new. Hoping to give it a paint job w/ spraypaint and a heat gun to help it dry in the cold weather. Get some more metal to build the awesome paldrons, probably that and the painting to be funded with my tax rebate if I don't get that entrepreneur training/scholarship I applied for.


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Working on a 2 axis gimbal for the head powered by lego motors. Plan to make a little thumbstick mounted on a control arm. Getting the push buttons for it this week, but the motor gears, mounting hardware n stuff are almost done:



need to print a few stabilizers after i print a xmas gift for my bro