Mech/Exoskeleton Build (Full-Size )


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GMer56, that's awesome, man. Can't wait to see the finished robot fight another finished robot.
That might be a while, but at least a newspaper wants an interview now, and I'll be submitting an application for an entrepreneur jumpstart program ($1000 and some book-learnin on business stuff).

so some stuff was moved inside


and i got som3 more compicated rigging


To support the monitor mount!


Attached with magic and wishes!

A pilots view. Its a touchscreen!

Gotta figure out how to mount the batteries, laptop, and head hopefully before the newspaper interview.
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Aftet some pop rivets and swearing (I attached some parts wrong and had to improvise a quick fix) the head is finally metal. Rock on.

I image:6828.jpg

some tickly kneecaps


And of course a little homage to the commander in chief



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Just saw the tv interview you posted, and man is that awesome! I'm still totally down to fight you when my mech's fully up and running next year.
I'll be sure to get Judd McStudd up to snuff, I don't think you'd stand a chance against MARDUK/ The Trump-o-Tron 2000 :D

Finally got around to that door cupola.

20181209_214336.jpg 20181209_214343.jpg

Gonna break out the fur-lined outerwear and test fit the door this afternoon (barely 20F). Scrounge around for metal in the back shed, maybe install the chunky arms this weekend.

Can really tell which bits have been left outside and what is new. Hoping to give it a paint job w/ spraypaint and a heat gun to help it dry in the cold weather. Get some more metal to build the awesome paldrons, probably that and the painting to be funded with my tax rebate if I don't get that entrepreneur training/scholarship I applied for.


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Working on a 2 axis gimbal for the head powered by lego motors. Plan to make a little thumbstick mounted on a control arm. Getting the push buttons for it this week, but the motor gears, mounting hardware n stuff are almost done:



need to print a few stabilizers after i print a xmas gift for my bro


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Fiddled around with buttons all morning only to discover I wired them wrong, but I got there in the end.

Discovered a rocker panel on my car is almost rusted away so I gotta get some welding equipment to make some more... which means my "How to" video for my arm mechanism will be delayed until next week... or new year's day.


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Had to fiberglass my car after building a new rocker panel (pontiac seems not to have installed drains in their g6 line) and hooo boy. How you guys manage to make armor with this stuff is beyond me. Gets everywhere!


Thank god i have coveralls, gloves, a respirstor and safety glasses.
That being said prolly no how to vid for the arms until this weekend, unless i feel like hooking up a spotliht to my mechs power supply. Hmmmm....


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its a bit strange that you would use pretty much the heaviest nerf gun there is. wouldn't it be easier with a lighter gun?
Whoops its the "Stampede" not the "Rampage" boy is my face red. I got it when it first came out so a bit of a money saver right there.

Most of the weight is the 6 "D" Cell batteries. I'm going to move the batteries into the torso and connect it up with a wire running through the arm, along with a cable to pull the trigger.


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Between a more rocker panel repairs and my dad's retirement ceremony no arm vid, still gotta wait before you can make your own mech arms.

But a quick vid 'bout the NERF addition:

I am quite proud of the thumbnail.
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Got a portable light figured out so I can work at night. In sub zero temperatures. No wonder my camera shut off after a minute of recording! Wanted to do a video but I guess I'll need to keep my camera warm in my car!

Took out Judd mcstudds arms and have them defrosting in the garage. Replacing the torso with a new frame:IMG_20190113_193529.jpg

Closeup of the knobbly knees


And my skeleton Murphy couldn't resist hopping in (he's 5 foot tall)



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Wow... your insane working in that cold! I'd understand if you lived down here because we get lucky if it hits 60, but subzero!? I'm suprized YOU dont need thawing out
I'm a true Vermonter :)
I have an ancient suede coat and a plaid furry hat in addition to my coveralls. Very warm.

It was nearly 27 tonight. Heat wave! A tropical heat wave! Temperature is rising, it isn't surprising...

Just installed the door. Too busy playing "Oxygen Not Included".


Perspective in this one makes it look tiny: hard to believe it's taller than my van (the bottom of that hatch is about 5" off the ground)

New years resolution is try to make a video per week. Already failed when my camera battery died last night but at least this Sunday will have a long-ish video.