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mmd 3d Halo 4 & 5 playermodels

Discussion in 'Halo 3D Modeling' started by mynoobybits, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. mynoobybits

    mynoobybits New Member

    hey guys so I just started converting some halo 3d models to mmd like master chief, vale the heiloskrill armor and a lot more but my problem is that I don't know how to rig the models for mmd. So here is the deal if you can rig the model for mmd its yours provided you send me a copy of your completed work that I can use
    feel free to message me on my deviant art account about questions and links to the models
    mynoobybits on DeviantArt
    I plan on releasing publicly in packs once certain models are rigged
    sorry for the low res pics I need to update my cap software

    helioskrill_halo_5_mmd_model_by_mynoobybits-dbazsxr.png vale_halo_5_mmd_by_mynoobybits-dbaztv5.png
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2017
  2. CommanderPalmer


    I recommend other forums as this forum is about costuming - creating costumes and props IRL.
    Also, none of the models belong to you, they belong to Microsoft and 343i.
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2017
  3. mynoobybits

    mynoobybits New Member

    mmd models can just as easily be imported into programs like blender or paprika to make costumes and props for 3d printing and allows people to get close up views of models that they other wise might not have been able to view from a still image. and secondly I'm not claiming the rights to the model and since I'm not selling anything I'm covered by Microsoft fair use. and further more if it did boil down to it then all models representing characters or game objects as well as fan made props and costumes representing the previous mentioned characters or game objects released to this site would be in violation of 343i and Microsoft rights. which there has been a push recently from copyright owners to ban and fine people from having copyrighted material even fan made a costumes at conventions
  4. Dracosfire83


    You would be wrong in this point. It falls under "Game Content Usage Rules" witch states "You can't reverse engineer our games to access the assets or otherwise do things that the games don't normally permit in order to create your Items."
    CommanderPalmer likes this.
  5. mynoobybits

    mynoobybits New Member

    that is speaking to the realm of creating other games and or modding the game such as finding a model of a weapon and replacing it with something like a sub that fires tomatoes at people

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