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So I just started a base Halo 3 Mk 6 build and this is my first attempt at switching from hot glue as my primary adhesive to Barge contact cement.

I initially started with the belt but the measurements provided to me from my customer were too large. Anyway here are the shots of the original belt:

I have since received a duct tape dummy and have resized all of the armor to avoid any further Scaling issues.

Luckily this belt does fit NobleofDeath16 so it wont go to waste.


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After tackling the first attempt at the belt I moved on to the forearms. I caught myself after doing the bottom cuff before continuing with the original scaling and was able to start with the newly rescaled files this weekend!

The one on the left was the original scale.

Over friday night, Saturday night, and sunday morning I was able to knock out both forearms!

I’m extremely excited with how clean everything is coming out so far and wish I would have listened to everyone else sooner about switching to contact cement.

For comparison here is a shot of the GEN-II mk 6 forearms I did a few years back for a different build that used hot glue. A combination of a few years of practice and the switch to Barge really shows when you look at both pieces

And lastly, because I have nothing better to do with everyone being on lockdown due to world events I started the bicep.

And for my midwest crew and at the request of TheBraus heres some corn.


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Loctite 5 second super glue gave me very clean results and very quick set times. With ExCeLLuR8's shoe goo idea to back everything, that suit is still in good shape.
Yeah 5 sec super glue is nice but I have completely switched to barge now on all of my recent builds. It gives so much more cleaner results that the longer cure times is worth it to me. I still use the the super glue for hard to reach recessed spots, but 95% of the time its barge contact cement now. Its very strong by itself too and flexible, where super glue is not really flexible. I completely reinforce the entire inside of all my armor with a nice decent coat of Shoe Goo, I will always do that cause I couldn't imagine doing these builds without it. It makes the armor pieces one complete indestructible piece to pulling forces. It makes the armor rigid, yet remain flexible and it completely bonds to foam as that's what it's made to do. Plus it makes all your seams inside disappear and look clean. It makes strapping and rigging indestructible as well. Once I move to the sealing stage, I Leak Seal the entire piece inside and out for a clean look. Here a few pics showing the shoe goo and Leak Seal in action.
20200430_173047.jpg 20200515_183629.jpg 20190829_153519.jpg 20191130_225632.jpg 20191011_165433.jpg 20191011_170850.jpg IMG-20200515-WA0191.jpg
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Alright so the following build photos will be broken down by piece in the order they were taken:

After the shoulders I tackled the thigh pieces, starting from the large, long detailed sections on The sides where the Magnum would mount in game.

I then worked my way around the front and back of the thigh towards the inner leg, making sure to mount the plastic for the light panels before sealing the piece together.
Many of the rectangular black buckles seen this suit were not a part of the pepfile and were templated by hand, all of the screw and rivet marks were achieved using various dremel bits.


For the inner thigh on this build I decided I wanted to try something different instead of painting the section that is a part of the inner leg but is technically a part of the undersuit. I built the piece out of 4mm TNT foam, and then using Super 77 spray adhesive, I skinned it with a black stretch faux suede. This route was taken to help that section of the armor blend better with the undersuit.

NobleofDeath16 3D printed the handplates at this point. Mainly because I always forget about them until the end of a build :lol: These still need to be cleaned up and sanded.


From there I tackled the shins, which I found to be more difficult than they had any right to be.

Starting with the shin I worked my way up to the kneecap (which was a very time consuming section!) before working my way around the back of the calf.


I then tackled the sections inbetween the shin and the ball of the calf including the bottom rear of the shin.


NobleofDeath16 will be tackling the boots using a newer method he had been wanting to try in exchange for the original belt that was built too large. This will be started here in the next week or so. Photos to come.

After finishing the shins (and putting it off as long as I possibly could) I decided it was tike to tackle the chest. Starting with the pecs and working my way down to the ab plate.

After pausing for another week and a half... because this piece again has way too much detail and I was feeling a little overwhelmed (multiple 10 hour marathon build sessions will do that if youre running on nothing but 4 hours of sleep coffee and the King) I started the back piece.

Starting with the upper back I worked my way down the back, adding details to the spine plate last night. This piece I found to be not as complex as it initially looked, but I am still not happy with it. Some structural updates will be added to the backside to help with the shape.


I have some details to add on the lower edge, plus the thrusters/ section above the shoulder, and the front and back of the collar. I am finally close to seeing the finish line on construction of this build and I look forward to starting the painting process.

I still need to decide what route i am going to take on the undersuit, but that bridge will be crossed at a rapidly approaching date.

I will attempt to be better about updating the progress on the build moving forward, but i normally build on the 405th discord so if you want to see how the progress is coming along stop on by THE WAVEPOOL and toss a coin to your witcher
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