More photoshop help!

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Wouldnt you be able to copy then paste it into a type of program then downsize it to the correct size in that program, then update it onot a URL to use it as your sig? Thats what i would tihnk to work.
~*~UPDATE~*~ It does work, if you have Adobe Photoshop this is what you do:
1. Open picture
2. Go into Image^then into Image size
3. Adjust the size accordingly
4. Re-save
5. Update to URL
6. Post as sig - Ice
There's this program that I've been using lately called GIMP. It's free and it's sort of like PhotoShop except no extra special tools and filters.

If that doesn't help, use paint...
1 - Open your sinature in paint
2 - Go to the Image Menu
3 - Choose Stretch/Skew
4 - Under Stretch, Enter 77 in both percent fields
This brings the length to just under 500
If you want the height the to be under 100
5 - Repeat steps 2-4, enter in 72 in both percent fields this time
This brings the height to exactly 100, but shortens the signature significatly.
Hope this helped.

Also, I would really much worry about it seeing as no one has really said anything to me about mine being a little to large.
PS - I actached your signature with the edits if you don't want to do all that work.

Edit - Ok, I changed my signature just to be fair.
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