Mountain Chief? Master Dew? 56K beware!

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ooooooo i got 1...................................................................................


Jordan Roajs said:
dude sean u have a scary monkey pic from invader zim ofg thats pimp

Yup... My gamertag is ScaryMonkey75

The Mrs. and I painted that together.

Thanks for recognizing the Zimitude!
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i hate wall mart i go ok to buy it i go by the pop first they dont have it then i go to the games loook around nope ask a worker ummm wat? never heard of it....NEVER HEARD OF IT CMON any ways then im looking in the whole store nothing ask pretty much every body working there they say "never saw it here is it new?" so im like w/e stupid workers so i go by the posters grab a halo poster and go to the checkouts when in the corner i see a red bottle so i go and it was it and guess wat the only 1 there!!!! :evil: so i go buy it and ask the cashier do u have any more of these and she said "never saw it" WHEN ITS SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Wally World near where I work ain't carrying it yet.

I'll check the one on the other end of the town tomorrow.
Some stores are releasing them up to a week earlier... I saw the story on HBO or Kotaku a few days ago...

Well, it's not a videogame.. I guess it's not as important if they stick to the release dates..
Sarge Christi said:
Love sean's pic, lol.

Also.. :(

Someone wanna buy me some mountain dew?

I would considering your in Singapore and they don't sell mountain dew. but i cant because im in the same situation as you.
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I'm going tomorrow and getting my mom to buy me all of them! MWUAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!
Just like 20 cans will do.
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