Multi-Gen Mojlnir armor overhaul (Pep and freehand)


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Well, it has been a hot minute. And I am still a little irked about some things but I think I am ready to be back.

First things first the state of my armor: Not great.

It has been around the block a few times and is really starting to show its wear in some places. Not to mention my own body's changes as I have changed over the course of a decade. For those of you who don't know me or my build a little back story.

I started my first build in preparation for the Halo 4 midnight release. which I finished by rushing some parts of the build.


I was pretty happy with my accomplishment at the time and went to my first convention where I received some wonderful criticism and critiques that would jumpstart my build to the next level. Over the course of the next year, I did a partial rebuild and upgrade that left me truly happy with both my skill and the armor I had created.



But life happens and I got busy after college. My hoppy had to fall to the wayside so that I could focus on my career and making money. And as a result of time and a few conventions, the suit is starting to crumble. both from use and from the use in wearing it but also mishandling by airline staff that left a great deal of it smashed and in dire need of restructuring. I had gotten it back on its feet for a time but much doesn't fit the way it used to.

All this brings us to today! I am revamping my poor little suit to life once again. And I already have some progress to show for it.

I am making a new helmet to start, but much of the suit is going to be replaced. so on with the pictures:





I will keep a post reserved for all rebuild progress in the next post.
Rebuild list:
Helmet MK IV - Completed - padding remains
Forearms (Reach modified) - in progress painted - weathering
Shins MK IV -
Thighs MK VI Gen 3 -
Cod piece - under construction
Chest piece MK VI -
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Big props to you for committing to the pep method! I know your patience will be rewarded
I used Pep for my first suit entirely and as I moved on to upgrades I used some foam. But Pep has been my background for my lifetime of armoring. I know that they end up being a bit heavier I like the sturdy feel of these parts.

It is just this 1 pep file that has so many micro folds that my hands can barely keep up. I have had to break out the tweezers for most of these tiny pieces.
well as is usually the case making something the second time is a little easier. I finished the other side:

It is coming together a little slow but that is to be expected for someone that has been out of the game for a while.

man is it hard to stay in the saddle. I do have some updates.
The first draft at the visor is done: I have masked it off and am in filling the dead space so that it is a seamless fit.
Once that was done I did some more test fitting with the visor. I am not super happy with my overlap margins so I may redo the visor again but it is at least coming along. we will see how it looks once the mirror is installed on it.
Well, that is all for now. hope to have more consistent updates from now on since my goal date is October 30th. but we will see I guess.

Got some more progress!
First of the smaller updates. I have repainted my hand plates as the grey foam was showing through the paint. a re-application of plasti dip and a spray of new paint has them looking like new:

I also have my wife's ODST helmet marked up for the details that the pep file didn't include:

the first forearm is coming together and freehand is a little more of a challenge to fit to my legacy parts than I had originally expected:

Finally, there is more paint applied to the MK IV helm and the detail work is about to begin!

Well, I am off again! probably won't have any more updates till next week. diving into the hobby doesn't leave a ton of time for much else. and I still have to be an adult sometimes. so the wait to work on it again begins.
That Mark IV helmet is beautiful. You did a fine job with it, and I applaud your outside-the-box creative thinking of pulling a Red Team and merging several different generations' worth of MJOLNIR armor into something entirely new. I love it.
That Mark IV helmet is beautiful. You did a fine job with it, and I applaud your outside-the-box creative thinking of pulling a Red Team and merging several different generations' worth of MJOLNIR armor into something entirely new. I love it.
my armor has always had a little bit of muti gen variables. (see the first image) It is based on a self insert spartan and his choices and involvement in the MJOLNIR program.

But I have always considered the armor itself to be MK VI but the hard armor is variable as different pieces become available.
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