my 5 month project is almost done

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hello all, im new here but i thought id get to it and post my suit :roll:

i hope no one minds me just posting a long link to it from myspace

*note* there is cursing and stupid people in the thread :evil:

cardboard, hot glue, foam, plastic, and spray-paint

this is my first suit and i think i did pretty darn good ;-)

cost about 75$ for all materials

i will post better pics here :mrgreen:
Looks great, I like the Helmet. I know you put in alot more work than I did in my project. I was gonna try making a Hunter suit/costume but that sorta gotta delayed because im helping my parents pay the house payments.
so yea i cant find a good cardboard to use were did u buy yours any help would be ver nice. how much did u work on it per day? I plan on having a suit by november for the best day in the world and i wanna make it nice so i can aww people and i dont want it to cost me my left arm, ill need that to play halo
i used shipping box cardboard

you can buy it at the post office or lows/home depot
i guess i worked maybe 3 days a week, for about 2-5 hours, or just whenever i felt like it







Osiris said:
I was gonna try making a Hunter suit/costume

i may have to steal your idea :mrgreen:

iv been looking at pictures of hunters and it does seem do-able , but it would have to be the same as the elite, your head would be in the chest area unless you have special stilts, i will keep you all informed of my progress once i start :hyper:
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