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So I've been lurking here for a while and decided I'd finally sign up to share my knowledge and progress.

First off, I want to thank all the guys here who have spent the time writing the how-to's for Pepakura and for providing the patterns, very helpful.

Now, I took the common route of printing it all out on card stock and piecing together (used hot glue). I then reinforced the interior with fiberglass resin and mat (cloth in some areas). And then put 2 layers of thin resin on top so no sanding would be needed (as I'm trying to finish this by Halloween).

I am also using Magic-Sculp Compound from TAP plastics (as it was recommended to me by a friend...thanks again :D). This stuff is amazing, and would highly recommend you guys checking it out ( A little expensive, but well worth it.

I used to do a lot of auto customization, so I have a pretty good idea of how to work with resin and body fillers, so that really helps a lot.

Anyways, here's my progress.

First, the right thigh piece completely finished (glassed, detailed, painted, and cleared) to show an overall look I'm going for:


Here is the helmet, which needs a little more smoothing:


The rest of the pieces are still sitting around, but nothing worth showing that I'm sure you guys haven't seen before.

Any suggestions and comments are appreciated...and thanks to everyone once again!

*Helmet finished*


*Everything finished*

wow some of the best ive seen so far here but what colors did u use to make the leg that color i see green brown and silver and black are any other clors used???

nice helmet also
The magic sculpt was just used to add some dimension to the armor (instead of the 2D look). But yes, it could be used in place of Bondo, but again, it's expensive, and although it's sandable, I don't know how easy it is to sand.

And the color is Krylon Camo matte, with a layer of Krylon triple clear (it's really not that shiny in person...lens flare lol).
i don't even want to think about how long it took you to sand down that ridiculous amount of bondo on that helmet :p

like I said on aim. lookin pimp man :)
I know it's a bump, but here are some more pics:

Right leg finished:


And the Chest Finished (although I'm a tard and can't put it on straight):


Got a few more pieces to glass, and should have it 100% complete in about 10 days or so.
Man, how did you detail it so well, including the paint! You must tell me what you did for the paint specifically.
imMonkeyGOD said:
Man, how did you detail it so well, including the paint! You must tell me what you did for the paint specifically.

Well, first, all the pieces were primed with Dupli-Color Filler Primer (they have it in the auto section of most Wal-Marts) as it's the best spray primer I've actually used (actually fills pin holes, deep sand marks, and lays level). The base coat is Krylon Camo (Olive) matte. After that, my gf used acrylic paint to do the details (the specific brand is Liquitex Basics) with brushes and porous foam pieces (the gold was done that way). Lastly, it was cleared with Krylon Triple-Thick Crystal Clear Glaze.

Some of the details were done with that TAP clay, but others were just paint.

If you need more info, I can try to get her to post it up when she gets home. Basically, I do all the construstion, she does the detail work. We make a good team :p

As for the tut, I'll tape her doing the helmet tonight and make a video out of it if you guys want me to...just let me know. I was also debating doing a video of fiberglassing incase it hasn't been done. If you guys are interested, just give me the go ahead and I'll get on it.
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Thanks, Indeed you make a good team :D

Sadly I have no money left and already bought Primer, I actually bought the first thing that I saw that said Primer on it. lol.
please record your gf doing the painting great job on it im gonna do mine that way! the fiberglass vid would be great but not that needed. but definatly do the painting! please!?!? :love:
johnny said:
can we get an update :p thanks

Haven't really done anything with painting new yet, still glassing the remaining pieces...

Patience young grass-hopper :p
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