My combat elite build attempt...


Almost there now.

Boots are built (really crappy but enough to finish for sunday), and the paint job is complete blackwash and all.

Put the netting in place to hide my ugly mug (don't want to scare anyone).

Gives it a weird neck profile but better than a ginger beard poking out.

Padded out the shoulders a bit too.

Knackered now zzz.



The whole things finished. There are bits I'll redo, and things I'll add such as light and sound, but we're con ready.

However, it's 10 to 1am here and I'm shattered so you'll have to wait til tomorrow to see the finished article.

But as a's the finished head and face

until tomorrow...ciao.




Right, another con coming up in a month and I've decided to upgrade the elite.

Things on the list are:-
Lights for the chest piece
Maybe some sound effects
Possibly some digi stilts made of wood
A new weapon.

The easiest of these from my experience is the weapon. I've already got an energy sword I'm taking so I thought a plasma pistol would pair up well.

I downloaded Andrew DFT's template to use as a guide then started foam crafting.

I've decided to add in lights to the central plasma chamber.
So far they phase from blue to green to off and repeat which has a nice plasma-ey feel to it.

The battery pack is in the base with a magnetised cover to hide the gubbins.

That's it for now but I'll keep updating as I go.


Sean Anwalt

405th Regiment Officer
It is crazy how much those little detail lines and rounded edges make this come alive. It looked great before, but now, it's superfantasik!