My Cqb Progress... Helmet Finished

Macattack64, I am using a template and an exacto or plain old razor blade to cut the circles in just after the bondo kicks. Surprising how well that works.


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Ral Partha said:
Impressive, very impressive. The helmet looks so good it looks like it's molded.
I was going to say the same thing, what'd ya do buff it out with some turtle wax? :D

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WOW...I am totally jealous with the work you have there!! I actually like your vents alot better than how mine came out!! are they molded parts?? Good job can't wait for the painted version and the visor installment!!

@Kensai: It looks like he wet sanded that bad boy!! IDK
Thanks guys, Hi praise indeed!

I've just been sanding and sanding and sanding and, oh yeah.... sanding! No wetsanding yet, but a 400 grit sponge does wonders.

WetOkole- I made the vents out of some sheets of plastic and a chopped up round lid from something for the top detail, I don't remember exactly what it was. Then made up a quick silicone mold and poured them with smoothcast 300. They didn't come out perfect by any means, but bondo hides a lot of sins!!!

*Edit-Helmet done and updated in first post*


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In a word- Gorgeous. The color scemem looks good, the finish is smooth and professional, and the details are... well... Detailed.

I am also working on a CQB helm- Best looking one in the game, imho... And you have really inspired me to get off my keister and finish the bloody thing.

I think I'll be using your pics for reference too, if you don't mind. Though my color scheme is Grey base/yellow detail.


Hey Serenity,

I think your helmet ROCKS buddy!! I am digging your vents though...but it sound like you made some copies...***HINT***

I am amazed that you got the 2nd visor in...was that a problem as well...oh, how are you holding up the visor as well??

I dig the weathering and I gonna add that after I am done with my armor...gonna try a diff route with the painting!!

GREAT JOB...can't wait to see the whole thing come together!


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thats freakin SWEET!!! i hope mine comes out half as good. i finished putting a second coat of resin on it. *crosses fingers*

P.S. you stole my paint scheme.... j/k but i do want to paint mine that color of yellow. where did you get it?
Thanks everyone!

-WetOkole- Thanks again and hint taken, since yours was the inspiration and motivation for mine, I'll pour you a set. I'll drop you a PM, but don't say I didn't warn you that they take some fixing up! I temporaily put in the visors with hot glue just for positioning (glued to the helmet and each other) then used some plumbing repair putty to anchor them in place permanently in a couple of key locations. It comes in a clear tube and its like a cylinder of clay. You just cut pices off and knead them together. Once dry its like steel, its even machinable when dry. And it sticks to pretty much anything. Got it from either Home Depot or Ace Hardware, don't remember which.

-Lamesauce- The color is Krylon Indoor/Outdoor "Bauhaus Gold"

Glad I got all the tips and tricks from everyone from reading the forum BEFORE I started. Made things MUCH easier. I'll start a new thread for the armor progress once I'm beyond the plain pep stage. Already finished pep'ing the feet, shins, space diaper, and biceps. Working on the chest this weekend and both handplates are done and painted and attached to my gloves already. All HD stuff.


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what did u do for the battle damage, or how did u do it? did you spray black and then wipe it off? and maybe sand it a little for the silver? or is that on top of ur base coat?


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nice job on the helmet love the battle damage.......thinking this should to the elite section


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link4044 said:
nice job on the helmet love the battle damage.......thinking this should to the elite section

Very nice job on that helmet indeed.
Its like I've said before ladies and gentledudes, the finished paint job can only look as amazing, as how smooth you get your primed surface. Paint is 95% prep, and 5% spraying. :D
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That is superb craftmanship! I really like the color scheme you went with, too. So what can we look forward to from you next? Keeping my eye on this... :p
Thanks everyone, greatly honored to be in the elite showcase! Could not have done it without all the great artists and information on this site.

Working on the rest of the armor as we speak with CQB permutations of course.

-Macattack64- The battle damage is basically per Adams tutorial except after all that was done I used a soft cloth and the same silver paint to buff some of the edges instead of just the drybrushing with silver to hopefully add a little more worn look. I also used the cloth with brown primer to add some "dirt" in places. Worked okay, but hopefully will get better on the rest of the suit.