My Cqb Progress... Helmet Finished


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Came out great!!! Looks like it was professionally molded! That when you know it is a very good project!
Keep up the good work!


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Awsome job on this helmet, very accurate. I suggest if you can, to help sit the visor(s) flush against the mandibles, is to use a heat gun to form it.


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holy frick! i love it *drool* i especially love the visor... can you see through it? and what did you use :)


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excellent work mate, oh by the way i'm nearly done bondoing my Mark 6 helm and i'm wondering what you put ontop of the bondo to seal everything before painting. That picture where there is a shiny white layer what is that?
Thanks again for the nice words!

-tubacris85x- I was really worried that the visors would lose their gold coating if I heated or i tried to overly flex them in adirection they were not already flexible in.

-Eliterougue- That white layer is actually just a high build light grey automotive primer... so nothing fancy to seal the bondo.

-619deathstar- Yep, see out of it very well, they are just two HJC motorcycle visors.. although they are a larger size model, I think it was a HJ-11 or something like that.


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AWESOME work!! by the way is there a sticky tutorial on everything about getting the gold face shield built/ getting that design on it, if you know what i mean.


moonmi said:
AWESOME work!! by the way is there a sticky tutorial on everything about getting the gold face shield built/ getting that design on it, if you know what i mean.
Actually if you read Sigma's build on his CQB, he used painters tape to make the outline of the shape for the 1st visor...I actually did that as well and I think that is what he used as well for his CQB.

As for the Tutorial, it is based off of Sean Bradley's Tutorial for the Dual Visor located here

I didn't use 2 Visors on my CQB but I did use a 1/8 clear Styrene for my 1st layer visor. To each his own!!! But I hope that helped out a bit!!
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WetOkole is correct. I prettty much followed the stickied dual visor tutorial. Covered the wole "outer" visor with blue painters tape and busted out the trusty dremel. The corners where the dremel didn't reach were done by hand using a fine toothed hacksaw blade. Then finished the edges with several files and finally some sandpaper.

Its a bit scary making that first cut with the dremel... but once you do the rest is a piece of cake.

Oh, and will be starting a new thread for the rest of the CQB armor this weekend as I've finally made some decent progress.

Stay tuned! Same Bat-Time.... same Bat-Channel!!!! :p


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Whoa there, Spartan. This thread hasn't had an update in over seven years - try not to resurrect dead threads.


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And it's done. Wanted to thank everyone here for all the help. Pretty happy with how it turned out after battle damage. Not so happy with my crappy photography. Will try to get some better ones this weekend in the sun. It's been raining every day here after work so these are inside with a flash. Only thing I need to finish is the fans and voice stuff inside. Oh and going to add some thick rubber cutout to fit where the two "mandibles" don't quite meet the face shield.
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Okay, just to show the primary colors before messing them up.
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Ready as it's going to get. Next update will be the finished helmet.
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Okay, the majority of the details are done! Will be ready for final sanding by this weekend and then on to paint! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!! WOO-HOO! Will be a master of bondo sculpting by the time this is done.
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Update time! Got it almost-kinda-sorta one color (okay primer, but still) and have begun adding detail. Also working on sculpting the 3 round vent like knobs on the top of the helm, but will hold off showing them until they actually look correct.
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Okay, some progress done but a LOOOONG way to go to get this sucker smooth. Getting really sick of saning this by hand! Although thankfully i got a detail sander yesterday for Father's Day! SO progress should be quicker now.
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Oh, and heres my handplate completed yesterday to test the color i want to go with, what does everyone think?
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Hey all, inspired by all the great work being done on here and thought I'd give it a shot. Below is my in-progress CQB helmet. Hopefully I'll be able to update progress regularly. Constructive crits always welcome.

Interior is glassed. Two layers of resin, one layer of matt and a final layer of cloth.
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And... bondoing in progress... (I think I just invented a new word... bondoing... looks like bon-doing! Sorry off on a tangent)
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Thanks for looking.
Yep I agree that's a really nice job you've done there. I know how hard it is to keep those loooong curved edges looking so straight. WELL DONE!!