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I don't think I have stated yet my full build that I am trying to accomplish.
I want to Create my Custom helmet Design And have the body legs and arms of the Mjolnir Mark IV (my Favorite armor style by far) with a red and white paint job. I am still deciding on my second shoulder piece but I want to use one from the Mark IV and I want the other oversized and big (open to suggestions). My OC Spartan Character will have a DMR for long range and he like is close combat face to Spear. I am Still learning Foam smithing and intend on using epoxy resin as an over lay to create a more hard shell look. I am still working on templates for the helmet its proving quite difficult to create the right shape. but as soon as I have it I will post it up for anyone interested.

Yet again thank you all for the support and patience in all of this I just got done with my nephews helmets. if you guys want pictures I can post them up. they don't have visors because I don't want to restrict their vision. I have a pc build that I need to do so I am putting the armor on hold for right now. I am also going to see if I can get one of my buds to do a digital render of my OC with color so i can post it up here.
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