My first helmet: finished!


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Hey guys! I finally get to post a couple pictures of my Mark Six helmet! Sorry I didn't upload any "WIP" pictures in the past, but I hadn't registered on an image hosting site yet, but I did today, so now I'll be able to share my final product! here it is!


I did a fairly basic pain-job, but I included all the essentials for neat effects like dry brushing the edges with hammered silver.

I even got the gold visor put in! :D

I'd say for my first ever pepakura project, it came out pretty well! let me know what you guys think! :)


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For a first build it looks great....heck it looks good no matter how you look at it. I't a hard helmet to pep.


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See what happens when you read the stickies?

Great helmet! Research pays off!

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Hurray! :D Promotions all round! It looks beautiful man, ESPECIALLY for your first helmet. I really like the black detailing :$ How much did that visor cost you?
On a constructive note, it looks like you have the same problem I do, cleaning the edges around the visor :/ shoot me a PM if you figure out an easy way to fix that.


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I'm just finishing my Mandalorian helmet and after that I'm thinking I'll do a Recon helmet before I start making the MKVI torso


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You've got some nice results there from your first build. The teacher in me wants to offer some constructive advice and techniques on smoothing if your up for it but all in all I'd say you've done very well. Keep it up.