My MKIV completed!!!!

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Just kidding (sorry, but I had to)
Well last night was halloween celebrations at my local rock club (Maximes in Wigan, UK) and this morning I awoke with a hangover and have decided to do what most of us are aiming for.
Ive been mulling this over for a while - "wouldn't it be cool if...." but never gave it any REAL thought, and Ive had a good look at your site and I'd like to have a try at making a MK4.

Plans are a paper/card base strengthened with FG matt and a little bit of filler (from what Ive seen on overhaulin', filler is bondo to you lot over the pond)
I believe you use patterns? How do I obtain one of these?
If this was in the FAQ then put it down to me bein a noob.

All help & advice welcome, thanks for your patience :)
Welcome aboard ;)

As a beginner (mmmm... fresh meat), you should have a look over at the "creation discussion" forums, more specifically the pepakura subsection, as you're apparently aiming for the paper/card stock option.

Check the "sticky's" at the very top of the forum labeled "Important Topics".
I'd strongly suggest you take a gander at this thread here:
as it tells you most of what you need to know.

If there's anything else, feel free to ask :)
Aw cheers mate thats excellent.
Just downloaded the pep programe and all the files... they look AMAZING!!!

Thanks again :)
Hey, my pleasure!
Like I said; if there's anything you're uncertain, or wondering about, feel free to ask, that's what we're here for. :)
Actually, MkIV files shoudln't exist at all, considering they're making their first appearance in Halo Wars...The only thing someone can do is custom build the pieces from the concept art and/or the trailer...

Other than that, you're either thinking of the MkV (Halo 1) or the MkVI (Halo 2 and 3).
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