My pep armor. (56k killer)


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I think thats one of the best pep helmets i've seen. Looks great. Next Spase? I'm impressed

did you use slyfo's models?

The Alex

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That is an extremely nice pep helmet you have there.

If I may add one artistic criticism though? The silver marks on it that represent the "battle damage" might look a bit more...natural? if you were to add to them the general sort of wear and tear that might be associated with wearing a helmet...adam has a great painting technique that shows this extremely well.

but overall...a fantastic piece!


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I used JediFraz? version of pep armor. (The one in the sticky)

Also, the paint job was kind of rushed before Halloween, plus it was kinda hard to paint right behind my dorm... I will probably sand down everything and re-bondo the outside for more detail. Also, I need to bondo and detail all the other amour as well.


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Paintjob and duel layer visor makes the helmet look professionally done, they make up for tthe visible folds that all helmets from pep (without bondo or sanding) have

very nice!


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Sorry to bump, but I kind of want some more feedback.

So, I'll include my other project: (still spartan armor)