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Diamond Katana

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I thought I'd share my pep creations. I apologize for the extremely poor photos. Since my bro took my Canon Rebel XT to school with him, I am stuck with a cheap webcam in a poorly lit room.

My first creation, the CQB helmet. I'd like to thank Slyfo for his great work.

My second creation was the torso pieces of the Halo 3 marine armor. It's not completely accurate and the model could use some improvement, since I haven't touched a modeling tool in a good four or five years. Here is the back piece:

Here's the chest piece of the marine armor:

And finally, here's my latest creation, the Civil Protection mask from Half-Life 2:
Unfortunately, it doesn't fit me too well because I have a big head.

I intended to fiberglass all of them however, it may need to wait a while. It's gotten too cold out and I don't have a warm place to work that is also well ventilated.

Comments, suggestions, and tips for future works are welcome.
LastSpartan said:
Wow nice job.

Where did you find these HL2 Civil Protection helmet!?

Ditto on the gas mask.
Would love the PDO on that one.
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I've never used FileFront before, so I hope this works.

For those who want it, it can be found here:;/fileinfo.html

I can't guarantee that the scale is correct, though it's pretty close. It seemed just slightly too small for me, but as I've said, I've got a big head. When building it, I suggest starting from the eyes and working from there. I also decided NOT to attach the end of the bottom cylinder just yet. If I decide to fiberglass it, it would be impossible to get to the inside otherwise.

I take no credit for the model. All I did was cut the polygons directly from the civil protection character model.
You sir are very cool, thank you for the share.

What size fitted cap do you wear?

I about a 7 3/ just trying to gauge how much I may need to scale.
quixand_prop said:
You sir are very cool, thank you for the share.

What size fitted cap do you wear?

I about a 7 3/ just trying to gauge how much I may need to scale.

I wear about a 7 5/8th, though I had to stretch my hat a bit first. :unsure: As I said though, the mask seems a little small for me. If Steam will cooperate, I'm going to load up the model viewer and see if I have the size of the mask correct relative to the rest of the character.

neopezz said:
Is there any chance you could also share the marine files?

Since the marine torso armor was created from scratch, along with me not having modeled anything in a good four or five years, the models have some problems. The back piece was created as a single half so it would be completely symmetrical when I finished it (by mirroring the half). However, I couldn't figure out how to have XSI merge the two halfs and join the vertices. When I was unfolding the model, I hadn't yet figured out that you could add your own flaps, so mine had home-made flaps to connect the two halves.

Also, there's something with the chest piece that Pepakura doesn't like about it. When you open the OBJ file and unwrap it, it works fine. However, when you save the PDO and open it up again later, the program crashes when you try to zoom in on a piece. I think I've identified the piece that it doesn't like, but I'm not yet sure how to fix it.

If you want, I can post the OBJ files and let you guys fix them up and repost them. Otherwise, I'm going to start on the rest of the marine armor soon and, while I'm at it, I'll fix up the torso pieces.
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if anyone wants it i also have a combine metrocop face mask. Much cleaner geometry than a direct export of the barney facemask model

I think i will just let much smarter and more skilled people do the work...
huh now i just sound really lazy.
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