My Snow-Marine Armor

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Made this for Halloween. Just a quick Pepakura construction. Used the Marine armor and added my own twist to make a sort of special forces marine mountain sniper? Whatever, it looked kinda cool.

Cardstock (Wal-Mart, by the poster board, 8 sheets 39 cents for a large sheet, 3 bucks).
Pepakura Stencil Printing (~100 sheets @ 5 cents a sheet 5 bucks).
Duct Tape (Wal-Mart 3 bucks)
Quick Grip Adhesive (Wal-Mart Craft seciton, 4 bucks)
Can of Rust-Oleum Specialty Appliance Epoxy (Gives it a nice white-metalic look - 5 bucks)
4 LED ring lights for ravers (Wal-Mart checkout goodies - 5 bucks)
Gold Mirrored Safety Glasses (Wal-Mart near paintball guns - 5 bucks)
Respirator (Wal-Mart paint/wood treatment - 2 bucks)

Total cost without gun~32$


Total cost with gun ~ 59$

Was kinda fun, in hindsight, unless I go with a detailed clay-molded fiberglass modeling system, I don't think I'll be doing this again. In all likelyhood I can't afford to do it until I'm *in/out of grad school (6-7 years from now) and by then someone will've likely made a production model suit I can buy. :D

*Must first be accepted into grad school.
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