Name that Armor........ It's the ARGUS!!!


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This build is amazing. Your pep work is so clean!

I haven't tried shoe goo, but the only adhesive I have found that sticks reliably to resin, bondo, or rondo is rondo. I have been using it as an adhesive bc everything else has failed.

Curious if sho goo will work tho, cause rondo is not easy to mix up in small amounts. Is shoe goo the same as E600?
Go ahead RandomRanger all yours


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Go ahead RandomRanger all yours

Shoe Goo and E6000 are basically the same in my experience, E6000 is just a bit more flexible.


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Hey guys, long time no post.....and I'm sorry that I've been MIA for so long of stretches at a time.....I'm not at a desk for hours like I used to be. And I haven't been working on my suit like I hoped.....Little here and a little there.....I know I've been saying it for a while now but I think I'm ready to get a 3D printer.....going to go with the Ender 3 I'll be needing a ton of help getting it up to speed.

Now speaking of the little things here and there, I was working on the attachment parts of my helmet and was so frustrated with the teeny tiny parts I had to put is down for a bit.....while I was cleaning up a bit a came across some old PVC tubing used for water supply to an ice maker......Then I had a thought, this would make an excellent skeletal frame for a neck-seal.

Now because its so small, at first I tried a magnet closure but it didn't hold at all....I guess my neck motion was just too much. Then I tried velcro but it was too scratchy.....I needed something that would hold but not be in the way.....A wood dowel!!! it was perfect!!!


I glued the bottom one in place (Yes my oversized melon fits through the lower half), and only one side of the top and easy peazie.....holds its place and doesn't slip out.

Terrifying pictures coming up so prepare yourselves!!!



Told you...Terrifying!!

So what to cover it with? I had a small bolt of fabric that I made into a "Chain-link" shirt for my son one year and thought that would be a great color match for my undersuit as well. So now I'm going to build a ductape body form and use this fabric to make all the accent pieces, sew them on the undersuit and stuff them with some foam or something to give it a bit more shape.


So now just to attach to the PVC, I used hot glue and then stitched the ends to hold it 100%.


And done!!!



I tucked my shirt in a bit for effect but I'm able to turn and nod my head without any problems. The PVC bends when I nod but snaps back to place and keeps my whole neck covered.....I'm back baby!!!!


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ITS ON ITS WAY!!!!! Yes ladies and gentlemen, I finally stopped talking about it and actually did it….no not that, get you heads out of the gutter…… my daughter and I pooled our resources and got a great deal on an Ender 3 V2, with 2 spools of PLA. Can’t wait to get started on 3D-ing!!!!

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