Need advise on cardboard armor

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<div class="bbWrapper">I've been working on a set of cardboard ODST armor for a couple weeks now and am nearly completed with assembly. I have some Bondo fiberglass resin and am wondering if I should follow the standard resin/fiber/bondo procedure. I ask this because the cardboard has a lot of layers, five or six in some areas. I don't want the corrugation to cause problems, like having a hard outside and inside but soft in between. Let me know if I making any sense. :lindsey:</div>


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<div class="bbWrapper">Well, if you glass the inside, sides, and outside, it should make a shell that will harden so it won't even matter if its soft on the inside. I don't know that much about fiberglass, but I think it should work.</div>

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<div class="bbWrapper">The resin should completely soak into the cardboard if you do it from both sides. Maybe add a couple less drops of hardener on the first coat so you'll have more time for it to absorb before it hardens.</div>
<div class="bbWrapper">Thats what I was thinking because it soaked up rubber cement like a sponge. Thanks I feel at ease now. ;-)</div>
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