Nerds with Girls???


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The key part of that sentence is probably the "dating" - so most likely that was a nerd's attempt to pay you a compliment. Between the lines, of course.
Oh, I'll keep that in mind for next time! I guess I'll need to read between the lines better with such 'compliments' haha. Thanks for the heads up.

I am Fuzzy Bear

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What happend on this date of yours?
I got trolled by this girl who hopped from dude to dude and used the excuse that she was gay with her best friend to get out of relationships that weren't serving her materialistic needs. She was my first real girlfirend too. Sucks. But hey, I saw it coming, so I wasn't as hurt as all the other guys that had been and will be.

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i personial have gone on 2 dates with 2 different chicks, and after the 1st dates i found out they weren't right for me, they were a little too full of themselves, i can't stand girls who know they're pretty or even girl who think they're pretty and they really aren't, but its seem that i have a tendencey to attract all the scary women, when i say scary i mean like emo/gothic and are packing more heat then a platoon of marines.... i did have an internet relationship that lasted over 2 years and we had met in person on severial occasions, and at one point we're engaged but something happened involing her mother and one of her mother's "lovers" that made her go a little crazy, and i tried to stay with her and help her as best as i could but she said she didn't need me anymore and dumped me...... so that little experiance ruined a little over 4 years of my life,(i was that in love with her) and now i guess i'm just looking for someone 2 love and love me back in turn


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Im surprised this thread lasted as long as it did. Crap, you guys should of helped me get game! xD


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It doesn't matter too much what you're into, just be CLEAN and WELL KEPT! And don't forget to talk!

That is advice I can give to "nerds" that I believe are most important. :)

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I go to a preforming arts high school. theres is alot of nerds here but good looking ones and mostly everyone is cool with each other.