Nerds with Girls???


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ha, my last girl wasnt nerdy. But we loved playing some games like bioshock together. She had the mentally unstable part down VERY well. I'm never gonna get over her xD
I'm friends with lots of nerdy girls though ha.


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I can't stand the fact that i can't find any nerdy girls. My ex hated video games, star wars, super heroes, LOTR and anything syfy. We broke up 4 months ago (after 4 and a half years), and i have not seen a single nerdy girl, besides my sister. Where does everyone meet these girls at?
At cons? Some others convert his girlfriend into nerdy girls, but that's harder... And the most, just have a non-nerdy girl, but reasonable one who accepts what do you as it should be (usually 25 years old and up).

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Heh, I a SUPER nerd/ jack of all trades... When it comes to girls, it doesnt make sense... You name it, I probably dabble in it. Impressing girls isnt hard... it's getting them to actually NOTICE you that's the problem... well, in my case it is, =P


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I don't make my nerdiness pop unless someone talks firearms with me............or Halo or any other series I'm into.

I've tried but I'm always that guy that draws pictures of custom MA37 rifles or armor in the back of the class that no one really understands or likes and/or is always a minorly of little importance ignored friend....

All well.... I don't even try anymore. There was this one pathetic rumor that this girl whose like 6'3''(not ****ing you guys) was being asked out by me and that I was trying to break her up with her boyfriend...I only asked er out at the beginning of the school year and this was rumor happened like toward the last few months of school.......I gave up after atempt one for crying out loud!

Football was hell because I got picked on as the defensive player who was smaller than everyone else that was like 6'7''..... had some friends on the team..

So that I've been practically smacked in the face and hated by girls except for a very small few I don't even try anymore...... not to mention I'm not into dating by choice and circumstances. game at all!


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The worst part is when you like your best friend and she's telling you about that time she [REDACTED] with her boyfriend, whose name is also Kris.


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You're messing with the wrong girls then.
Well, that's a lot of wrong girls. Those that didn't think less of me for it were my female friends, and they all went back to talking to their boyfriends when the latter were done giving me epic brofist for my armor.


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I don't know whats more incredible. That this thread is still alive or that the "My Little Pony" thread is catching up.
I don't think either is incredible... I think it's kind of sad. XD

So not gonna lie, I only went back like one page in this thread. I kind of get the jist of it, but yeah. From what I DID see in the last two pages is: "Where are all the nerdy girls?!?"

And if this hasn't been answered already, let me be a first: True (single) nerdy girls, not the posers, are a very rare breed that are far and few between. But at the same time, it depends on what KIND of nerd you're looking for, and depending on the 'combination' you're looking for, will make us even MORE impossible to find, or you'll see we're not that rare, if you just open your eyes and mind.

What I always tell my single friends that are always bi***ing and complaining they're still single, etc: "Stop trying so hard. Us women can smell desperation and it's a huge turn off. BTW, you stink of it..."
Just live your life to it's fullest and do whatever makes YOU happy, and someone will see "Man, that guy is loving life. He's just so happy. I want to be happy to", and someone will come to YOU. People are attracted to happiness. If you're happy, people will see that, and want that, so they'll come to up.
Chin up, and just be happy.


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Some of you guys need some serious help. You're looking at getting girls in the wrong way. I don't want to be "that guy," and seem like a you-know-what, but I do get the girls. Not the average ones. The 8's-10's. I'm not even that good looking. I have personality issues. I'm a borderline nerd. And they still like me. It has nothing to do with how nerdy you are or what you look like. Your actions are the most important things to a girl. So here's my little set of rules I ALWAYS abide by about getting girls. Use these and look around on the internet for dating tips. There is lots of great info out there!

Don't be so up front about your intentions with a girl. Most girls don't want a guy who cuts right to the chase. You wouldn't go out and ask a cute girl at the mall for "intimate relations" would you? No. Things need to build up. By that same principle, we see that simply asking a random girl on a date is definitely not the way to do things. It shows that you expect too much from her already. You're expecting her to say yes. Otherwise, you wouldn't have asked in the first place. You're expecting that she's attracted to and interested in you. You're expecting she's single, or that she's even into guys in the first place. Strategically place yourself to engage in natural, neutral conversation. For instance, in an art gallery, start by saying how you love the colors of the painting in front of you, in a mall start by admiring the great selection of stores, etc. Don't intentionally put yourself right beside her. Causally make your way to others and engage in a few lines of dialogue with them. Make it seem like you're just an outgoing, everyday guy. This principle works for girls you already know as well. Don't expect to go from just friends to dating in one day. Not gonna happen. Start dropping hints and being flirty. One little thing the first few times you see her. Then two or three after another few times, etc. Don't be afraid to make it known that you're interested, just give it enough time.

Keeping up with current events and trends is very important. Although most girls don't mind nerdiness, locking yourself in your man cave for weeks at a time won't help you with the ladies. Grab a magazine or a newspaper once every few weeks. I mean the ACTUAL paper version. And ABSOLUTELY NO NERDY MAGAZINES. Get a celebrity magazine or maybe subscribe to 'Time' or something that is actually about current, interesting events. Keep it around your house in a visible but not obviously out-of-place spot. This will help you come up with something to talk about over dinner that's new and exciting, and you'll seem like a pretty intellectual guy when she sees them. Keep up with technology. If you don't have a Twitter and she does, get one. Lots of useful current info on social media outlets. If your cellphone looks like it came from the Mesozoic era, get a new one, or try not to show it. You don't have to get a new laptop as soon as the latest greatest one comes out. Just don't fall behind more than 2 years or so. It makes you seem out of touch with style. Speaking of style, while you're at the magazine stand getting your copy of this month's 'People' magazine, grab a Men's Health or GQ. Actually read them. Not only do they have great style advice, they also have dating advice, great technology sections, and tons of other useful stuff, like unique Christmas and birthday gifts for women, and awesome sports articles. I don't expect you to wear the white Georgio Armani morning suit the celebrity in the magazine is wearing. But if you don't see anything similar to what you wear in the entire magazine, start taking some notes from the articles. Ask a friend that's a girl (not the one you're trying to get with) to go shopping and get a new outfit for yourself. If you haven't had a haircut in 3 years, do something about it. Go to a local place to get it done. Make sure a younger girl (preferably under 40) cuts it. They'll be able to give you a modern cut which is attractive to females (because it was done by a female) and one which accentuates your head/face shape, body size, eye color, and skin tone. (those things actually do matter when finding the right hairstyle) Although looks aren't everything, nobody likes a guy who looks like he just walked out of the 1990's,

Remember the saying "Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades?" Well, it counts with girls too. It's OK that she's a beatiful, successful girl and you're nerdy, slightly (slightly being the key word here. Refer back to rule #2 if you already forgot.) out of style, maybe a little sloppy sometimes, and have some other minor issues. Don't sweat it. Girls love guys who are 'almost' there. She'll teach you how to iron that crease out of all your shirts, how to stop being so "last month" with style, or how to properly clean your bathroom sink. It gives her something to do other than watch you play Halo, and it helps you bond and learn new things about each other.

Girls love confident guys. Confidence doesn't mean talking about how strong you are or what your best assets are. Confidence is simply
being natural. So you're a nerd. Big deal. She won't even notice, once she sees how confident you are in your own skin. Don't try to seem smarter than you actually are. Don't act like you know what she's talking about if you really don't. If she's talking about something and you have no idea, ask about it. She would rather you ask than secretly lie to her. Plus you'll learn something. There IS such thing as being over confident. Make sure you aren't wasting your time with her. Just like in Rule #1, we don't want to expect that she's into you. If she's not flirting back or showing any interest after a little while, it may be a lost cause. Which brings us to our final rule.

Some girls are just impossible to get. They're either never single, too stuck up, or just simply don't like you. You win some and you lose some. Just remember to put this girl in your reference list so you can always refer back to her when attempting to get another girl. Maybe you'll be put in a similar situation and you can learn from your mistake last time, or maybe you'll realize that there's nothing wrong with you. Move on. There are plenty of fish in the sea. Actually, there are almost two times as many women on earth than there are men. Women aren't as picky as you think. They put up this front. Their hearts often seem impenetrable, but it's just their way of breaking you down and sizing you up. It helps them weed out the guys that aren't looking for more than a one night stand because the guy who tries more than once is obviously into the girl.

Just remember it's not about what you can do for the girls or looks. It's all about being relaxed and nice to them and providing someone they feel safe and confident around. Don't be intimidated.


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One of my best friends is a girl who is a nerd like myself. Im her best friend and shes on of mine. Problem is , I like her .......ALOT lol she however , is too busy wanting every guy she meets to flirt with her. She has this thing that she wants everyone to accept her because people in the past have beaten her down . Kind of a sad situation.


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My Back To The Future buddy, Jennifer (ironic name, yes?) is over today, and we're marathoning the movies. Grah, why so strictly platonic?