Props New DMR work in progress (rather pic heavy)


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I would love to learn how to do crafts with wood...This might be a dumb question but what tools are you using on this project?


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I would love to learn how to do crafts with wood...This might be a dumb question but what tools are you using on this project?

not a bad question. I cut out the main, large peice with a bandsaw. Most of the smaller peices ive used a scroll saw on, and to get into the inside closed sections without cutting through i drill a hole to put the scrollsaw blade through. the triangles i cut out with a razor knife. for finishing i use an orbital sander, random bits of sandpaper, and one of my favorites, a random stick with sandpaper glued to it.

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Sorry i havent posted in a while. Ive been really busy lately with college starting and freinds and stuff, but i got some work done the last couple days. here ya go




thats pretty much how everything is looking.

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Dude this looks so amazing! I wouldn't be surprised if people start asking you to make molds =D
Keep it up man, I look forward to seeing how you make the scope!


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looking great man! now i know to hit up hobby da lobby for bass wood, Ive been looking for a place to get really thin stuff

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ok, did some more work today, not too much different, but theres some minor details i added and fixed up.

routed the details and made the second one


so i have both handle parts finished as well as both long peices and the rail part. still some details to add to the other peice. then i get to work on the trigger and bolt mechanisms.


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looks awesome. i want to try some wood builds of guns. doesnt seem like its too hard as long as you take you time.

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I made a quick run to the hardware store, got some good stuff, a bunch of springs, a couple dowel rods, and brass tube.
I got the trigger mostly functioning, along with this





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Ok, pretty busy day today. got alot of work done.

closed off the area for the trigger, and made sure that it was working.

epoxied the rod for the bolt into the body waiting for it to dry.
and this



it fits into the slots beautifully. tomorrow ill be able to take the clamps off the tube there, and start glueing on all the peices.
i hope to have this as finished as possible for the reach release, so im probably not going to have a scope or proper clip till next weekend, but i hope to have the main body paintable by the end of tomorrow.


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Awesome work. Great detailing!

Next time youre taking a close up. Use the macro setting on your camera.
It should look like a flower. Your camera probably has it

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thanks for the support guys. I use either a scroll saw or a band saw. both are amazing.
And ill try that macro thing next time i do a close up. thanks.
Anyways, i got alot of work done today.



SHE IS ONE. (or mostly) I got all the parts glued up, bought some paints, and rounded out the handle parts. Also made the temporary clip space filler. I didnt have time today to even out all the edges, but that comes tomorrow. I only have to do that, spruce up a few parts here and there, smooth out some things, and paint. I hope to finish this tomorrow by 6-7, might be a stretch, and then its off to gamestop till midnight!