New way of Camouflaging (or customizing) Armor!


It's called Hydrographing, they are like bio-degradable decals. IT's pretty cool just found this yesterday, I thought it was freaking cool! I don't make armor, weapons, or any type of real costume (I've tried some many times, and no members live around here to help me), I just like trying to help solve people's problems, and what better way to help solve camouflage problems than this! The only problem is that it's practical camo, no red-tiger, warsaw, or blue tiger. Check it out!

Tutorial 1:
Tutorial 2:
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Actually, there may be a way to do your own camo. I've been researching into doing something similer to this, but instead of using a kit, I could use my very own printer and decal paper. I would print the desired camoflauge pattern onto some decal paper, put on a few coats of clear coat then proceed to apply it to your gear.
This is all theory, of course, I have yet to try it. But I'd imagine that the decal paper and ink is going to get expensive for a full suit of armor.