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Hello this will my first post! I have a few questions about this terrific art.

What is the best paper to use?

What kind of paint should be used after I fiberglass my helmet?

On page 5 fold 114 I am confused on how to fold those kind?

How many layers of fiberglass should I put on?

I might post some more questions later ;-)
1.Use Cardstock, which you can get at Staples, or Walmart.

2. Any paint will do.

3. I think you cut where it says to cut, and just fold it under the other piece.
Also, its wise to make 3 of at least some part of armour, and test each step on those, just to ensure that you havent ruined your whole armour by coating it with golden syrup instead of resin, or some other thing like that.
I think you should use auto paint. I'm no fiberglass painter but it looks pretty glossy and shiny. It's what they use on cars. I'm not very familiar on how it dries on fiberglass.
you could varnish it with a gloss varnish, though to avoid brush marks you might want to look if sprayon varnishes exist, which i think they do, or coat it in some sort of 2part epoxy resin, which will strengthen it and make it slightly heavier. You could just use gloss paint. However, since i've never made MJOLNIR, this is all hot air, so you could just ignore me (it might be better that way.)
Dude... You fiberglass on the inside not the outside... =\

No it's not a bunch of hot air... This is the first time for me too... But I just want to see how other people view it and also what else there is that I have to do and don't know about...


Thank you for this help and any future help you give me...

~ Mac :)

Also I'll have to look into that epoxy varnish... :)... Thanks...
okay to make armor look shiny add a primer(optional), base coat, color, Clear coat which gives it the shine. you fiber glass the out side with jsut resin and hardener. for the inside you resin, fiber glass cloth or matte then resin (optional to add another layer of cloth or matte and another layer of resin)
I'm also wondering:

How many layers of fiberglass should I put on?

How do I even put all the pieces toughether?!?!?! I've folded everything exept I' don't know do put it all toughether :(

Should I fiberglass before putting toughether?
no no no, put it all together first. Match up the numbers. Takes awhile, but you must do that first.
Isn't one layer of cloth on the inside?

Yea I'm still putting mine together before I start doing that...

I got the arms almost done and the Helmet...
Well, I find its easier to use mat for the first layer of fiberglass, for the reason that, the mat conforms to curves much better and smoother than the cloth does.
fiberglass mat looks like a bunch of glass strands that have been pressed together wit a big vice. Cloth looks a little more, clean, and not so, hairy.
I'll have to see... I've never done fiberglass but I'm going to take extra precautions towards it... :)
Macattack64 said:
What mat?

Is it almost just like the fiberglass cloth? Will it take up less room in my helmet?

yeah mat is described as cat hair by auto detailing specialist, you can't get it at lowes, but you can get it at Home Depot for sure, i just picked mine up yesterday. its about 7 dollars for 9 square feet.

And it depends how you coat it, mat is alot stronger than cloth, hence they use mat on boats and cars because it is stronger. So you may need less or about the same.

its pretty hard to work with and its bumpy after its done so prepare to do alot of sanding to smooth it out, but again is much stronger than the cloth.
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FinAeros said:
Use bondo body filler over the mat surface to help smooth it out and add detailing.

good point! but if you use alot the filler gets quite heavy, which could make the helmet lopsided.
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