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Who's Pyro? and what are you going to need 4 of those guys for anyways? How many did you originally make?

I'm asking to see if they're available anywhere.
the crazy hybrid armor?

the new suits from DC was called the SKY suit, for a upcoming movie sometime in 2008. as for the statues I will have 2 made casted out . one for Briar and one for Adam, you will have to paint them up but hey thats all part of the fun, send me your shipping address and I will get them out to you next week.
Glad you could make it to the forums.

uhh.. returning to an earlier comment.. (I missed all the fun..)

I know what it's like to have to get a suit done with lousy reference pics. our suit was finished in-time to be worn for Halo 2 release day.. Our molds were upgraded since then because we could finally see where we were wrong, and how we needed to change things when reference pics were all over the place, and mulitplayer of course gave us a chance to really look at the armor.

As for suggesting that mass runs make a professional studio.. that's hardly important. There are professional shops using vacuum-formed armor all over the place.. You been to WETA studios yet, and seen how they did Lord of the Rings? It's not all steel & leather. Anyways, to mass produce, all we'd need is to hire a guy to do nothing but pulls all day at minimum wage.

As for making light of Briars paintjobs, I'd strongly recommend hiring him, rather than taunting him. He does what I'd consider to be perfect paintjobs on the armor. No one out there is doing it better. Personally, though he probably lacks the background that some of your crew has, I think he'd be a useful addition to your crew.

FYI- Our "flimsy" vacuum-formed armor has been thrown from atop a 4-story building with no ill effects to it. Hardly seems to be the point though, considering this is a costume, rather than armor.

I like the quality in the Nightmare Armor, and liked the artistry involved with it. I'd always hoped that your molds and stuff would be upgraded to be a little closer to the Mjolnir Armor since reference material has been out awhile now. I guess with Halo 3 coming out maybe you guys will?

Are you planning to do Halo 3 armor?

We've been messing around with the Gears of War armor but don't really like the way the hunchback shoulders around the head thing looks on my mannequin. The characters aren't really humanly proportioned enough to do it justice.

When I first saw the armor, I realized it was at least passingly similar to some of your suits.. especially the ones with all of those round doohickeys on them. It's been awhile since I've looked at your suits, so I don't recall them exactly.. But those things that look like speaker cones on the front of the gears armor reminded me of your stuff.

Anyways.. hope you like it here enough to keep coming back.
Hey Sid, I'm glad you decided to sign up here. When i asked you to join I didn't know there would be feuds waiting for you though, sorry about that one.

Just some thoughts: I don't think that anyone's suit here is the better than others. I know that every tried to make the best suit they could and there is not a bad suit amungst us. I have done many costumes over the past few years and have found that accuracy doesn't always define quality. I think we could all agree taht Sid's suit is less screen accurate that briars, but does that make it worse? no, just different (paraphrase from, i think, deadguy). When making costumes, suits, outfits, whatever i make sure that they look different from anyone else's that has made that costume before me. I want people to know instantly that if they see a pic of something i've make, that it's mine. Artistsic liscense is one of the most powerful tools used in this business.

Sid, can you release what the name of the movie the sky suits are being used for?

lets all get along.
thanks for all the insite from all, I agree with just saying that we all make armor suits with the love off the game in mind, leaving it at that, I am almost done with the gears of war armor prototypes and will be molding very soon, yes we are almost done, this suit will be my version of what I think it looks like and with my own touch as well, just like I did with the MC suit. I was more looking to satisfy me not the game makers, I think everyone that makes a armor suit better design it for them self's, for example take the H3 suit. I dint like it . that's why I made the Hybrid suit to show what I think the next suit should look like. second we are working very hard on the nightmares gears and should have it done very soon, I have been told that I look like Marcus F---so I will make his suit for me and will be showing it off at many events as well as Dragon Con, I would encourage that some of you make a gears suit and lets all show meet at DC and troop together, It will be cool to see different versions of characters in the gears world and remember that its OK to make your own custom character that would be in that world. as for a H3 suit -sorry but not interested -maybe take about 10 months making a new MC helmet to show off what I can do with all the time in the world. and as far as the SKY suit cant talk about that one just yet.
I had to look up who marcus fenix was.... I haven't gotten GoW yet. I feel like I'm missing out big time

*goes back to playing the Wii*
I saw some, and man, it's going to be HOT. I don't think I'm at liberty to show them though. Besides, it's still pretty early in the process.
NAS Gears suit

Sid and all of you at NAS never cease to amaze me. Great job! Thanks for giving us a peek at the work in progress.

How do you like working with the dense foam? I was kinda thinking about using it to model some weapons for myself. I just have a mess of it sitting in my shop. Great stuff for rapid prototyping, kinda messy though, eh? I worked on a huge sculpture (13'x13'x26') that we carved out of that stuff before we layered it in clay and pulled rubber molds. At the end of the day the dust is just everywhere! It's amazing how it finds its way into all kinds of uh...private places...heh.

I'm a big fan of that game too and I immediately thought of you guys the first time I played it. Thats gonna be an immense suit. Just congrats on the fine job you guys are doing with everything!
i know that question wasn't directed towards me but i have worked with dense foam before and really enjoy it, most of my models start as dense foam. i try to keep everything moist to reduce the "dust" but its definitely unavoidable. with hairy arms, it looks like i have a light blue long-sleeve t-shirt on at the end of each session. :$ops:
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