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i know i'd spend 3 weeks carving it, and $1000 in materials, to put some resin that dissolves it, on it.
Foam on the range

The most I ever paid for that foam was like $300 for a 60" x 24" x 80" piece.

You can usually get that stuff on the cheap if you find a company near you. Look up Specialty Insulation Products in your yellow pages an make some calls locally. I found a place near me that makes the stuff, and I talked to the shop supervisor and asked him if I could rummage through his scrap for usable pieces, and he considered it a favor for him! Eventually all I had to do was call him up and ask him what size I needed and he'd save me any scraps that were close to that size.

Places that manufacture that stuff get drums of the liquid chemicals that they mix on site that expands into big forms that they create. Then they'll take those big blocks and cut them to shape for specific orders that they have. Theres ALOT of scrap, and if the pieces are too small they'll just throw it out. Plus you can take a bunch of scrap pieces and cement them together with that 'Great Stuff' expanding foam and make bigger pieces out of it. Seal it up with a few coats of latex paint or gesso, and the resin won't melt it.

To me wood is more expensive by comparison, and takes so much longer to shape.
i find foam cheaper and easier to work with for basic models but for gun replicas and bigger pieces, i use wood. personal preference i guess.

Lesson for the day: Great Stuff is amazing. Great stuff is your friend.
All in all Sid was an inspiration to all of us. I remember the first time I saw it… Sent chills down my back. Cheers to Sid, Briar and all the other Halo prop builders.
BlueRealm said:
All in all Sid was an inspiration to all of us. I remember the first time I saw it… Sent chills down my back. Cheers to Sid, Briar and all the other Halo prop builders.

amen. we have all put in countless hours of work into our projects and the end results are amazing. thanks guys for the inspiration, especially you Sid. Your suit is what got me into replicating.
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What’s funny is I started on my helmet thinking i was the first. Then I went searching the internet and found Sid’s work. They just made the debut. Damn I was amazed. So accordingly I emailed the guys at nightmare armor asking them what products and methods they used. To my dismay at the time, they wouldn’t give out that information. Man I was pissed, so I had to go figure it all out on my own and come up with the techniques and methods that suited me. So in away I’m glad they didn’t just offer up an easy way. I'm much prouder of my work knowing I did it all on my own, with my own processes and skill. So in saying that... don’t ask me how I did it... I’ll just tell you to do it yourself... : ) j/k to a point..
yeah i noticed you had a very unique (and time consuming) method but it definitely paid off, your helmet is definitely the most accurate and detailed one i've seen so far.

The only reason I don't say best is because noone's is the best. they are all the best that the maker could do and should be viewed as such.
Nightmare Armor Studios said:
I second that, but come-on you-all know that i am the best----JUST Kidding, i like everyones work keep it up.

well, i would say that mine is the best, but that would just be agreeing with Sid :roll:
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mine is non-existant right now.. but when I do it, it will be the best

 that I own.
Adam said:
Who's Pyro? and what are you going to need 4 of those guys for anyways? How many did you originally make?

I'm asking to see if they're available anywhere.

I'm Pyro.

< this is me

This is Sid and I.

This is me at Halo50k/MLG.

This is me in LA during a commercial shoot for G4's E3 promotionals.

This is Sid and myself at Otakon 2005, in our Jin-Roh Armor.
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