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everytime i read pyro, I think of American Gladiators.

BlueRealm said:
All in all Sid was an inspiration to all of us. I remember the first time I saw it… Sent chills down my back. Cheers to Sid, Briar and all the other Halo prop builders.

This is true! Maybe Sid will remember me from Dragon Con 2K5, I was the Cobra Trooper guy. Very cool to talk to and I personally have no complaints. I just wish I had an actual garage to work in so I could do this stuff with foam.

I understand everyones "enthusiasm" when it comes to their own work. I have a Studio Art degree and I have seen enough ego between artist as things could get. Lets all remember why we started which was for "Fun". Fun is your friend from way back in your youth since you where old enough to say the words "Play Ground". Unlike other people you never forgot fun or left your buddie fun on the side of the road to die. So lets all go forth and have FUN!
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