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Hello, I'm nee to this site and forums in general so if there's anything I'm leaving out that I should include please let me know.

After years of wanting to make my own suit, and FanX rapidly approaching, I finally decided it was about time. Of course FanX is almost here so I have no idea if I'll actually be able to make it in time, but im going to try regardless. Shout-out to Fallen who's post on his own Carter build lead me to the files I'm using for my print.

End of week 1:

First real print (first one was too small) was started August 5th. I was hoping to have the helmet fully painted yesterday (Sunday August 14), but I barely missed that deadline. I have it almost ready for paint, just needed to knock down a bit more filler primer, and go over it with 220 grit. I've also got the acrylic visor cut and roughly heat shaped. I have the tint but want to make sure the shape is good first. Photo is one day out of date.

The hand plates, left forarm and bicep parts are fully printed. The right forarm should finish tonight. My goal is to have all the arm pieces printed, and a first round of sanding done by this weekend. Basically I hope to get one part of the body done every week and a half. Hopefully only the chest takes as long as the helmet has, I've been slightly too detail oriented for my time limit.

I'll try to make an update every week.


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End of week 3

woops, didnt post anything for week 2, but i wasnt far enough along yet anyway. Ive got the helmet done, save for padding, gluing in the visor, and weathering. Not sure ill have time for weathering or not, so im holding off until the very end. Don't want certain pieces weathered and others not.

I got all the arm pieces printed, and have sliced the chest up and printing it now. It's a little over halfway done now, should have it fully finished printing in the next day or two. Hopefully it fits, it should, but im still scared it won't. Don't think I have tome to re scale and re print

I messed up on the right arm bicep, forgot to scale it up like all the other pieces. Not sure if i have time to reprint it or not, so for now im leaving it, but im not going to sand it or anything, no point working on it if I do reprint it.

I print with red plastic so anything thats a different color has gotten primer on it save for the hand guards which i orinted with the last bit of gray i had on hand. Getting vloser, but im super behind. Hopefully im able to sit down and go to town this next week.

Im also rocking a carter build cant wait to see yours finished we can be twins!
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