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Noble Spartan(mod's/add-on's begin)

Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by thorn696, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. thorn696


    My Noble 6 Build IS*** Finished***

    My Noble 6 Build.
    I've come along ways since I've started this tread, I've also put up allot of links to help other do what I did here.
    So sit back and enjoy my progress into the world of Halo Armor . Finished Basic build Pic's on page 27. (Youmacon pic, Detroit MI.:cool)
    HD pic.

    If you go to my build page 2 There are MANY links on that page from the files I used, to the help/how to videos.

    :DFast forward to page 2--->http://www.405th.com/showthread.php/29935-Noble-Spartan(mod-s-add-on-s-begin)/page2
    For those of you just starting off and need help Please read this first---> http://www.405th.com/showthread.php/34408-All-In-One-New-Member-Introduction-Guide
    Then I'll be more than happy to help you with any questions.
    (Spitfire22V Writes/Teaches better then me :cool)

    THIS is W.I.P. project and will be updated weekly, and is subject to change at any given time.

    How I did it.

    I just starting out on a Noble 6 build this summer, I found this site on a link from a SFX site (yes it was the old Indy Mogul) and well here I am. I'm looking at a pic of a noble six as ref.

    Side note: I've never seen the game and with having a XP computer it doesn't look like I'll see it any time soon.

    Till Next time.

    Don't let your dreams fade away...
    Build something....
    And remember them Forever.
    And as always, Please feel free to leave any and all input, comments, criticisms, and/or suggestions. Or You're just stopping in to say High. Please do For they are all most welcomed and appreciated. (they also keep me from triple posting.) Thanks for watching my build. and remember..... Your Dreams are always within REACH. ;)

    This is my Facebook Page.-->http://www.facebook.com/pages/Thorn/109895165801873


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  2. TheBradinator

    TheBradinator Member

    WOW!! Great Pep work. looks like you have a lot done! Sweet so far!
  3. MAGGOT9324

    MAGGOT9324 New Member

  4. HeavyDutyART

    HeavyDutyART New Member

    Dang, nice work. the armor peping looks real clean, the only problem is the camera quality isn't the best :/ keep the good work up and i'll be sure to watch your progress.
  5. thorn696


    (The pic in the first post is the edited new chest as of now. This build had changed in mid build when I found out what it was supposed to look like. But I had to leave in some of the old post so this thread would make sense to new readers.)
  6. Hickeydog

    Hickeydog Well-Known Member

    What's wrong with the chest? Looks great.
  7. Grave Hawk

    Grave Hawk Member

    Looking good. Can't wait to see you wearing it. Keep up the good work!
  8. gaj2714

    gaj2714 Jr Member

    looks good. I really like the shoulders
  9. thorn696


    What helmet is good for a noble build?
  10. HaloGoddess


    Personally, I would probably go with the standard Mark V helmet. It's the one that Noble 6 is wearing in the game. Unless you like one of the other helmets, then go with one of those. It really just depends on what helmet you like the most and would enjoy working on the most.

    And I see you live in michigan too. :p I am wanting to get my build done for the Motor City Comic Con in May. Due to the cold weather, I am going to be doing the foam build instead. Plus all that sanding, fiberglass, resin.............it's too much for me and too much of a pain to do. Especially since I found myself outside at 11pm working on it in my driveway! XD I would rather be indoors where I have more light and can see better. Plus I can sit in my living room and watch tv while I work on my armor. :D hehe If you don't mind scrapping what you got now, I would recommend trying the foam instead. It's lightweight and seems to have better mobility than the "rock hard" armor. XD But with the foam, you gotta have templates unless you think you can scratch build it. I'm just going to be using the pepakura files and modify them to create some better templates to use and trace onto the foam. :)

    Good luck with your build though.........however you plan on doing it. :p

    p588.gif 0JZK.gif UB9L.gif NA8v.gif oCRg.gif 2tSa.gif

    Attached Files:

  11. thorn696


    Thanks HaloGoddess, can you give me the link to that mark V (B). I thought I had them all up to date but it seems as I've either missed it, or placed in the wrong folder. thx. I seen you're name on some unfolds...what all have you done?
  12. darknemisis

    darknemisis Member

    thats a great build awesome job
  13. Road Kill

    Road Kill

    Dang this is great man! this is looking awesome! :) keep up the good work
  14. darknemisis

    darknemisis Member

    yeah i tell you what who even thoight of using pepakura to make armor are legends now lol
  15. thorn696


    I'm on page 42 out 160? pep files any idea for mark 5 (b) HD helm...I was told its better than the carter but I still can't find it. just a hint would be nice ;-)
  16. Cobbatron


    *Cough* Jico's *cough*
    Awhile back Jico made an HD Mk 5 (B) helmet that I slightly edited and unfolded

    it is found here!!!
  17. Doctor Napkin

    Doctor Napkin Member

    What size is your torso piece, because I tried that one (by L3X) and it came out too large. Also, looking good.
  18. spartanb312

    spartanb312 Jr Member

    good armor i will make the chest piece model that you are using
  19. thorn696


    Thanks Spartan-b312, All Files are on page 4

    Thank you very much Rhinoc. It would have taken a few more days to find that one. Pls feel free to add me to you're updated pep file list ( if there is one) thank you again.
  20. Road Kill

    Road Kill

    very nice work once again and the torso is looking great so far :) keep up the good work
  21. thorn696


    Thanks Road Kill

    The latest pic's . Previous pic's were edited to clean up the post.

    th_IMAG0185mod.jpg th_IMAG0183mod.jpg th_IMAG0187mod.jpg

    Attached Files:

  22. Ithica

    Ithica Well-Known Member

    Looking good so far, keep us posted.

  23. thorn696


    I'm 5' 9'' 170Lb med build most of the pep file fit me nice. some I need to elongate (once I fig out how) as for this chest Yes I could have cut it down by 10% but being its very hot at most con. I set it up to handle my Coolant sys that I wear under reg armor. Its an extra 8'' around my upper body so thats added into my fig. I just hope the rest of the Halo armor is in pa-portion. but if not I know I will be redoing the forearms and shines later in HD. I just need to finish what I started first.

    (Edit) tried it on today had to rip it, to fit it. But yes it fits with the extra room and I can put my arms down, was worried about that when I found out it was made by a 6'6" person. all is good.
  24. thorn696


    The latest up date: Tapered lower chest to fit.

    th_IMAG0191.jpg th_IMAG0197.jpg th_IMAG0196.jpg th_IMAG0200.jpg th_IMAG0201.jpg th_IMAG0202.jpg th_IMAG0212.jpg th_IMAG0209-1.jpg
    Looks like I have to rescale the shoulders to fit the upper so I'll be doing that this week end.

    NOTE: to all people starting off, if you've notice that I upgraded my chest and had to re-scale most of my upper body parts. I would say to you pick a build and stay with it.
    I have a few months of cold so I have time, but it wasted allot of time and mat.

    the new Shoulders. Added 20% to them to make them fit the scale.
    Working the Biceps now to make fit scale.

    Attached Files:

  25. Toacrabman

    Toacrabman Well-Known Member

    That is lookin awesome, what did you have in mind for the back thingys?

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