O.D.S.T Almost Done

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Really nice dude. I really like your rocket launcher by the way.

But for a complete ODST, your gonna need the armor parts that Shadowsniper hasn't chopped out of the model. (shoulders, etc.)
This is looking great! I'm also working on my own ODST set of armor and it's encouraging to see someone make so much progress. Keep it up!

Nice Spanker.

Keep up the work, and props to using a LS as the BR.

I've got one I'm going to try to mod and paint until I can get enough money together to buy either Link's AR or one of the BR kits similar to those that were listed on Ebay.
NICE!!! We should play guns sometime! ;-)

In all seriousness, that is freakin' awesome! I've been looking everywhere for the ODST pep. Where did you get it?
I knew someone would make a better ODST and Rocket launcher than me...kudos, nice job.
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