1st Build ODST WIP


I always forget how much I enjoy it when people show the process of gathering materials and stuff, as well as the actual build! great progress so far, Im looking forward to seeing more!


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Found a suitable material for the belt buckle body and parts of the abdomen plates. It’s black linen I picked up at Hobby Lobby. Also got the buckle itself mostly finished. Just gotta do the details on the left side, curve it to my belt, and paint


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Got the buckle and detail pieces painted. Little more work to do on the buckle then I’ll glue it onto the buckle body

Also got the tasset plates sanded down and attached. Gotta do some more smoothing on them before I primer. I was super excited to get the tassets attached so I quickly threw it all on. Rough idea where everything is gunna sit on the belt, not the final placement



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Better view of everything I have so far. Got some leather so I’m gunna start on the butt pack tonight. Quick question though. Should I plastidip the groin plate then glue the straps on or should I glue the straps, mask the straps, then plastidip the piece? First time working with foam so needing some guidance.


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Mostly worked on Mandalorian stuff this weekend so I didn’t do much to the ODST. But I did get started on the butt pack. Got the base leather cut out and the hard outer shell curved. Need to get some fabric for a liner and a zipper then I’ll start assembling it.

Also just realized you can’t really see the curvature of the plate in this pic ‍


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Somewhat finished my belt buckle. Black washed it but also gunna do some brown wash and silver highlights. This piece is not up to my standards and will be getting remade before I finish the kit

Also working on some more detail stuff for the tasset plates

And cut out the lower section of the butt pack but need to add two more layers of foam so it sits flush with the outer shell


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I forgot to mention I bought ODST armor files from FromTheBrinkStudios (Etsy, Instagram, and Facebook name). His armor files seem to be the most accurate so it was the obvious choice. The only pieces I’m gunna have printed are; shins, thighs, abdominal pieces, chest, shoulders, gauntlets, and misc detail pieces. Everything else I’m making myself

His 405th build page for this armor can be found here: My HD Modular ODST Build. (3D printing/Sewing/CAD)


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I’m following your progress! Will be very handy for when I start looking for fabrics for my undersuit. It’s really amazing what you’ve done so far, keep it up!


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Got my first can of custom mixed paint today. It’s matched to the color used in-game. At $25 a can and probably needing 5 cans total, this will be my most expensive paint job to date. Including primers, 2K clear coat I’m using, and the weathering paints I’m looking at about $200 for the paint job. Worth it

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Worked on Mando stuff again this weekend but I did get some things done today.

Finished the weathering on a few pieces.


Fitted the visor to the helmet and and smoothed out all imperfections. Will have it painted by the end of this week. Also picked out the blue for my accent color.


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