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I am planning on making Security Shoulders as part of my armor set. When wearing them, do I put them on top of regular MK VI shoulders, or just on top of my regular shoulders with some padding between? I've seen people discussing it done both ways, so I'd like to know which way I should scale it. If it's more of a matter of personal preference, let me know which you prefer better. Also, if this doesn't belong here, let me know.


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hey, ive a question about the scaling size and the model view. does the scaling size depence on the model view?
so is the scaling size the exact x,y and z axes length?
i ask this question because i want to know if the model view relevant for the size of the model


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Pepakura scaling.....

I'm 6' 1'' Roughly, maybe closer to 6" and I have no Idea if the Pepakura models are going to fit me. What parts of my body should I measure to scale? I notice always that many people outfits have really large boots and they look goofy, so I'd like to not follow their example. For instance, I'm a men's 11 1/2 to 12 shoe size. What would be the correct scale for me to use in Pepakura? I downloaded the pepakura pack and am using the pep files from the MK VI HD folder. I selected the helmet I wanted and the rest of the parts narrowed down. I just need to scale and print. I'll include the names of all the Files I have or screencap a pic of the files in the folder. Whatever you guys suggest, I'd rather not build this suit twice and I'd like to get it right the first time. (Perfectionist).... So, again, what body parts should I measure to input to Pepakura?

Help is VERY much appreciated, -Spencer :3



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hey, ive a question about the scaling size and the model view. does the scaling size depence on the model view?
so is the scaling size the exact x,y and z axes length?
i ask this question because i want to know if the model view relevant for the size of the model
The dimensions are always measured along their respective axes and the axes rotate along with the model, so there's nothing to worry about.

now what pep viewer should i use i dont wanna get a virus on my comp
None, get Pepakura Designer. There only is one.

What parts of my body should I measure to scale?
You have two basic options: You either scale the costume as a whole to your size, or you scale each piece individually to fit the respective part of your body. The first option retains the size of the parts relative to one another, but may lead to fitting problems because the originals are often not designed to be worn by a normally proportioned human. For example, if Master Chief had arms reaching all the way down to the floor and was 50% taller than you, you could scale everything down to two thirds. That would result in a costume your size, but you wouldn't have the anatomy to actually wear it. The second option somewhat solves that problem, but scaling those long arms further down will make the costume look wrong. Since Spartans are humans, those differences shouldn't be too big though.

Here are tutorials for both options:


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i've got all the measurements for the rest of the body armour such as arms n legs etc. but i can't find anywhere to help me re-size the body armour.
i am making my 12yr son a halo halloween costume.

what parts of the body do i measure to n from.

i've tried the formula stated but the body armour came out 3 times too big


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hey guys, what exactly are you referring to regarding scaling of the helmet. Around pages 9-11 they talk about scaling the helmet to 26.5.... but when i look in pep designer, the scale is at ".4" when the height is 265mm....

my head around in inches is 23, and from chin to top of head is 26cm..... Does this mean i should make a helmet with 265mm height? or is there something about the scaling im missing. Thanks
I apologize if this has already been adressed, but my browser is fickle (doesn't like the new router...) and I can't really go through all 75 pages of this thread. I'm starting a build of the HD MJOLNIR Mark VI armor. I've pretty much got the hang of the scaling, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to scale the torso and cod piece. I'm a woman, so I'm not sure if I should use a different formula or technique to account for wider hips and the fact that I'm hardly flat-chested (though I'll be binding as much as is feasible for my health and comfort, to about 42"). Is there anyone out there who has run into this problem, or can anyone suggest something that I might do to figure out the correct scale? I don't want to end up making half a dozen torsos before I find the right scale... Thanks in advance :D (Again, I'm sorry if this has been addressed...)


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i looked at the tutorial for sizing but the printing and paper configuration doesnt exist on my version at least. i am running pepakura viewer 3


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I'm having difficulty with a master chief helmet that wont scale up on pepakura. It says specify size 1 - 2000 for assembly. What? It wont let me continue on with anything at this point. I've tried moving some of the larger pieces around and what not, but I need to help scaling it up. I want to set it to 25.4009 for my scale ratio. I'd appreciate any help. Thanks. :)


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I followed the step trough the sticky thread and I did everything, but when I wanted to change the scale, its already set to 25.3. In the math formula the guy says that u use ur inchs ( 72 divided by 86 ) = 0,8372 and then multiple it by 30.342, but me its already written 25.3 ( in the scale box ) , what should I do, multiple it by 25.3 ? or I leave it like that? or I multiple by 30.342 ? plz help!


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I'm not positive this is the proper area or not, but I'll give it a try.
I'm planning to pep a low def piece first, to check scaling. Will the scale I choose carry over to a high def pepakura file?
Are there suggestions on compatable files to accomplish this?
I have selected the high def files I'd like to use, (based on reputation). At this point I'm not locked into anything.

Thanks in advance!

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Okay I’m trying to build my first set of Halo Reach Armor. I have Pepakura (Version 3) I have a JFO base Helmet. I’ve found where to modify the size of the parts. But I don’t know which Part to Measure (height, width, or depth). This is confusing the heck out of me because when I modify one to fit the size of the area the others change and then it will be either too big or too small (for example once it said my head/ helmet was 18 inches high(I know it’s in mm I just check the inches compared to my head )) It’s getting so frustrating. ANY help with this problem will be VERY appreciated


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hi people!!!

im new to 405th and pepakura. It all looks confusing i tried to make a ODST helmet and it was a mess (good thing i didnt buy cardstock or other supplies) i was just wondering if some one could make me a helmet. im going to make the rest of the armor out of foam i just need a helmet or a helmet base that i can put some foam on i would prefer the base since it will sorta match since the whole thing would be made out of foam i will pay for it btw


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Hello all. um quick question. this is my first build ever and I just finished my JFO reach helmet and I don't know if I scaled it right because it seems big to me. So any help will be appreciated. Be as truthful as you can I don't really want to advance with this one if it is too big. For size comparison I used a 16 oz sprite bottle.

Note if the pictures did not come through here is the site.

size comparison

front helmet off

front helmrt on

side helmet off

side helmet on


Would any one know where I could find the proper way to scale any Halo based weapons. Been wanting to add some kin of prop to my armory.