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kind of new doing this and was wanting to know how to size the arm pieces for the ODST armor gauntlets my forearm is 11" long and when I size it to 279.4 millimeter it comes out to small.
kind of new doing this and was wanting to know how to size the arm pieces for the ODST armor gauntlets my forearm is 11" long and when I size it to 279.4 millimeter it comes out to small.
I would actually suggest that you measure the length of your forearm in centimeters instead of inches. that way you can make it easier on yourself. Ex: 26.0 cm = 260 mm Measuring in centimeters puts you a heck of a lot closer to millimeters than inches ever will. when measuring in cm you take the number you get and move the decimal point to the right one time.


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Scaling RoboGenesis MK VI LD

Just thought I'd chime in with the scaling I used for RoboGenesis Pep Files.

I'm 5ft 11in about 150lb. I'm fairly skinny but not like a rail.

I adjusted the scale to 75 on each piece. Each piece fits nicely. If someone was a little thicker than me, I would go up to about 77.

After fiberglassing, I have had to trim some of the parts around the wrist for the forearm and around the bottom of the helmet to get them on. From what I understand, this is normal. Hope this helps someone :)

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Hola everyone!

So I've spent hours upon hours doing research on the 405th forums, youtube, google searches, and endless amounts of time tinkering w/ scaling settings in Pep trying to combine the HD Mark VI chest (rear section only) and the EOD chestpiece (front). Either I'm missing something or just totally inept but there has to be somebody that's done this same melding of different patterns. Anybody have any experience joining pieces in such a way, any insight would be appreciated.


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I did whole formula thing and it seemed small. I am very short and after I scaled the helmet everything showed up on one page. Help.


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Here we go peeps.

This should work for the most part, if you have a normal sized body like Chief it should work for sure. But if you are a bit chunky so to speak, or the oposite which would be a bit of a rail (aka, that sexy girl Sean Bradley ;-) ), you will probably want to change the sizing a bit more or less to make sure your limbs and chest fit.

I'm not getting behind the formula because it's a waste of time. It seems no one cares how the math works just as long as it works. So here's what you do.

Add up your height in inches. There is 12" to a foot. We'll use my hieght for the example. I am 5'11" which equals 71 inches.

Divide that by 86: 71/86 = .82558

Multiply that number times the scale it currently is, 30.342: 30.342*0.82558 = 25.04979

Now in Pepakura, go into 2dPatternWindow and select "Scale Up/Down by specifying value"

Under scale, put in the new scale (for this equazion its 25.04979). Do this for all of your pieces to be symmetrical.

One thing to keep in mind
The size of the scale that is in use before you edit it is from the base of the ground to the top outside of MC's helmet. You don't really want the top of your head to be touching the top of the inside of the helmet if you expect it to fit right. So you may want to add two or three inches to your actual hieght before doing the math. This may help other areas as well, where it could come through a bit tight.

Feel free to ask any questions about how it's done here. But I would appreciate it if the PM's for me to scale their armor for them would stop. If you can't do this math (we're not in school, you can use a calculator), I can't help you.
I feel dumb, but everytime I try this it shrinks my piece smaller than what it was originally and makes it child sized. I'm 6' 200 lbs. Medium build. I'm trying to resize the iron man mk7 and it's not working for me :( any clues?
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That equation or trick probably isn't going to work. That is for scaling it down from the original Master Chief size (7 foot) therefore it's about 86 inches. If you are trying to do an iron man, I would say your best bet is to measure there body part and add maybe 2 cm to your measurement that way it gives you room for padding, etc.

The reasoning behind the equation is that if the model is originally scaled for Master Chief size. It also states "WARNING, THIS IS ONLY FOR FRAZ'S MJOLNIR PEP FILES." so that would be why it's not working for you.


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Im trying to build the v4 foam chest piece and i am getting quite aggrivated on how to scale the damn thing...
Yes i have looked at the equation ( assembled height=10.4 multiplied by the shoulder width in centimeters. So here are the steps i went through.
1. Measured my shoulder width(from shoulder to shoulder). Came out to roughly twenty inches. Converted that to centimeters and got 50.8 cm.
2 Multiplied the solution by 10.4 ( this is in centimeters correct? Or is it already scaled in millimeters? multiplied by each other comes out to perfect mm equation) which came out to 528.32.
3. Where do i put the final which i scaled up to 530? In the height input box or the width input box? The start of the equation reads Assemble height. Does that mean it goes there?
I am approximately 5 feet 8 inches. So five nine if you want to round.

When i print the pieces out the width is unbelievable on the front part. It is wider than my pepakura chest piece by an inch on the sides so idk what to do. Help would be appreciated on this because the chest is so amazing and it sucks not being able to get it right.
Ive seen the other build someone made out of foam and it was phenomenal. Just looking for help thanks
my original chest piece is on the thread just go through the pictures on the bottom

excuse my cross posting on different threads. I just enjoy getting different answers from people, more of answers that arent short tempered and from people who can actually answer the question sufficiently.


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I know I saw a program somewhere that actually converts it for you to the pep scales.... I'll try to find it for everyone. Maybe it was on another site. Gimme a day to find it, I'm usually up at 4 am (CST) so I don't have time tonight, but I WILL find it for you all. :)

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3. Where do i put the final which i scaled up to 530? In the height input box or the width input box? The start of the equation reads Assemble height. Does that mean it goes there?
Yes, that's why the left-hand side of the scaling equation is "Assembled Height."


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I understand now its just it looks a bit larger than it should ya know? Im comparing this to another chest piece i have already pepped (the file can be found in my signature its in the chest pieces called ///-MJOLNIR MK V Male Chest {Bungie-Extraction Team-Contributors-Koshima07} A4.pdo-///)
Just tell me what you think i suppose and sorry for the cross thread posting just trying to get some answered. Didnt know it was looked down upon.


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im trying to do the mk vi hd helmet and rest of the armor. i have literally bought everything and can find how to scale this. im 6'0" 200lbs. someone PLZ help!!


Not sure if this has ever been asked but I've always wondered. When you load a file, if the model isn't directly facing you without spinning it in pep designer, meaning if it's skewed one direction or another, are the dimensions pep gives you accurate? Or if a particular file like the Iron man abdomen, which it in separate pieces and expanded in the 3d window are the dimensions given of the 3d model as shown or assembled?

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i have a question??on scaleing pepakura on this thread you put up thank you for it.but im trying to scale my pep files so im useing the math u put about 5ft useing the formula u put up .my question is wear did the number 86 come from???is that a standard number to use??when i do my math for myself should i devide my number by the number 86 too??please any help would be far im just stabing in the dark with no luck>just useing up lots of paper and ink.please reply to me at than you for your help


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Need some help with scaling the HD MKVI Chest by FlyingSquirrel. I'm 6'2" (74 inches, 188 cm), weigh 175lb. Shoulder tip to shoulder tip is 17.25" (438mm) armpit to armpit is 14" (356mm). I read HaloGoddess' thread about scaling, and I'm still not sure what measurement I should use.


hey guys how do you scale a staff like Its 6 ft but i broke it up to be 1 ft then 4 ft and ft again i need to find the scale value