Other Costumes We want

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Bloodl3tt3r said:
ahhh runescape... the MMO for little kids. Used to play it. got bored in 2 weeks
you probly got bored because u like just started out and u weren't a member its not as fun when your a noob (cause you die a lot and im only 14 im probly youngest 1 here 2 :cautious:
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xalener said:
CYLON CENTURIAN!!! (from the New BSG series)

I have to admit, I'd feel pretty badass waking around like a 'new' centurian...wow they scare me :[ Imagine being able to turn your hands into guns though...sweet!

My pop, (being a bit of a Trekie) made him and my mum Star Trek costumes for a fancy dress 'do (she hated every minute of it). Cringy, I know. I'd show you the pics if I was allowed. =(
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Out of order: Dr. Doom, Deadpool, Casey Jones, Hobgoblin (especially if he's goinbg to be in the new spiderman movie I want to make one before the idea gets too unoriginal) and all kinds of stuff from 40k. Has anyone gotten started on any 40k armor yet?


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I've also wanted to do a Dr. Doom. I have the helmet, and cape. Just have to make the actual armor. Also a Boba Fett would be cool.


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I'm surprised that it hasn't come up yet, but I guess I'll throw it out there:


Dead Space's Isaac Clarke.

Haven't been on for a while and last time I was talking about doing a Panzer Cop suit (from Jin Roh). But Dead Space just came out (best game of the year BTW) and while I thought about doing Isaac Clarke's suit before I kind of dropped it. But after getting a really good look at the armor I've decided that this will be my first project. After I get a new laptop, though. I'll begin posting progress when I start.
I would personally want all the armor/suits from Tom Clancy's EndWar. but i would take any Spetsnaz Guard Brigade armor. btw the S.G.B. is Russia.


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I am currently working on a couple of costumes myself. I am working on Frodo Baggins from LoTR, and the Penguin from Batman 1966.

Anyway, I have literally 9,000 costumes I want. But the WOLVERINE Hugh Jackman is the one I want the most. But since I look just like Jack Black and Kevin Smith had a baby. So, no Logan for me. hahahaha


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Only thing I don't like about Wolverine is the thickness of the blades.
If I had designed them, I'd do something more elegant (more like the comics?)

Like this :D



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I have wanted to do a prince zuko from avatar, when he has his hair, Iam not too big on bald caps and top knots....it would be fun to do my face in burn scar makeup
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Not to rain on this topic, but...uber necro post? It has been almost 31 weeks since the last post on this thats about 7.5 months. Just a heads up man.
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Uh-oh... necro post, indeed :rolleyes

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If not, then it's best not to bump up these sort of threads.

Not trying to be an @$$ or anything, fellas. Just some friendly advice ;)
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