pep mjolnir helm

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Member the title says im going to be making a pep helm and im going to glue them onto cardboard and make the hel out of that.
and i was just wondering where to start? and i had read somewhere that the helmet fits a certain way, is that true? if so, can someone give me a good description of how to make it fit the right way?
furthermore, what could i use for the visor? someone had said an empty coke bottle and then tinted and cut into design...does that work or do i have to use a different methods?
What are my options towards the helm?

Use a HJC gold visor, the yare quality, everyone uses them, if you use a coke bottle or 2 liter you'll end up with........something not as good....better to spend the extra for the real visor.

I wouldnt glue the peices to cardboard either, cardboard is too hard to bend in such intricate shapes and folds, better to just stick with printing to cardstock.
do u know how much it costs for that gold visor? and also do i have to trim it to the right size?
maybe i shouldnt use the cardboard, maybe just the cardstock and stop wasting paper and ink lol.
and does anyone have a pic of the tinted coke bottle visor, i want to see and compare/
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