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what kind of pets do u have i have 2 dogs coco and lizzy 2 cats espn and joey 4 hermit crabs flash ,bimbo, pincher's and pudge
tell me wat kind of pets u have i post pic if i can figuer out how to
darkesword2020 said:
I have a bird - Birdie

And a dog - Doggie

Don't ask....

But my birds a Conure

And my dogs a yorkshire terrier.
lol, thats how we named our bird and dog, and we have 2 cats, ones nice, and the other is cute, but is Satan, lol
we also have 3 other parakeets
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Dog = Holly = Great Dane
Dog = Abby = Border Collie
Dog = Indy = Doberman Pincer
Cat = Odie = Black and white cat
Cat = Peanut = Black and white cat

my jack russell named magic **srry for the big pic**
ive got 2 kats and 5 kittens :3 3 grey tabbies and 2 whitish yellow ones. the mother is grey and brown and my cat [wich is a guy O_O named kissums] is bllack white and FAT. and the mothers name is Pepper :p [no kissums is not the father. hes been nudered for a qwhile now :3
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