Photo Day with Master Chief

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Took a couple of photos with the dogs the other day. Yeah, I couldn't get my toe pieces to properly attach (notice velcro). Also, my thigh piece was in the middle of an overhaul, so pay no attention to that stuff.


And video

many more to come, let me upload them

The Ragin Pagan

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You should get those type of dog leashes that retract automatically, and then make them look like a Plasma Pistol...

Sean Bradley

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Everybodys a critic.

The photos look great Adam.... you fata$$!

Thats so hilarious, Chief walking little wiener dogs.... I bet you got some wierd looks.



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I saw this post on BNet. If I wasn't banned I'd tell off the jerks who want to make themselves better by calling someone who has talent a "no lifer"

Spartan 061

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:mrgreen: :clap: Looks great adam, those bungie forumers need to bug off. You have talent, and i would like to see them try and make that.
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