Put your HUD on your eyes

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Sean Bradley

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Just spotted this over at Kotaku and thought it might be of special interest to all you HUD enthusiasts:


What if instead of having your television cluttered with interface elements while playing an FPS, you could have the HUD displayed directly on your eye? This is one of the possible applications of the bionic eye created by engineers at the University of Washington, which utilizes microscopic manufacturing techniques to contact lenses imprinted with electronic circuits and lights. While the current prototype has yet to light up and a full display version is still years away, the possibilities for such a device are staggering.

Sounds like the future of gaming.... still doesn't cover how to display an active HUD inside your helmet though. .
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that sounds like a good idea but how will those lenses be powered to emit tthe light for a hud. the reason its more difficult in a helmet is because of the laser or light that projects the info. onto the screen so it might be some time before that dream becomes reality, but still nice find.


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This is going have the same effect that talking on the Blue-Tooth headsets have had. People are just going to stare at someone without realizing it, and start laughing for seemingly no apparent reason other than they are watching TV in their eye, hehe.

Applications...video phone, hands-free internet browsing(there is already technology that can detect eye movement), Advanced Warfare, etc.

The possibilities are endless...and it's really cool.



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Hmm that was a pretty interesting read. Someone commented on the page about it being solar powered I think. Strange stuff.

I vote we test these on Jessica Alba XD


Wouldn't it be more practical to put it in a set of glasses? Sure it'll be a little more clunky, but it'll be way more easier to focus on something and best of all, you won't have to put it in your eye!

Plus, it'll eliminate the power problem since glasses are big enough to hold a small button cell battery or a solar panel.


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Very, very cool!

I have been waitting for something like this. I would expect military applications mostly.
LastSpartan said:
Is it wireless? :D
My post?

No, but it can connect to a Gaming Consloe through USB
and it charges through the USB cable.

It connects to any RCA Video Source.
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