Foam Ranger's Halo: Reach Build


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Well, unless I'm forgetting something, I think these boots are ready to be caulked, sealed and painted.

Before y'all haters comment on that heel pop though, I have an undersuit thing planned out to make it 100% invisible.

Incase anyone is interested in how I got my rubber soles made, here's the general process:
Make an EVA foam sole

Make a heavy rubber sole (with tabs)

Bond the soles together in a lovely marriage

Then put the soles in, and cover the outside edge in shoe goo, cover in inside seam in shoe goo, and make sure the rubber tabs are drenched in shoe goo. Shoe goo.

Then pour a tube of shoe goo into the shoe, put the actual shoe you slip your foot into into the halo boot-shoe, and let it sit for a week.

These things are basically indestructible, I doubt I'll ever need to repair them unlike my current shoes.
Plus, when these things hit the ground, or hit the table, they thud. It's glorious.

That said, there are a few places I could improve the boots on... but I don't think they're big enough to warrant rebuilding them.


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The biggest problem with helmet fans, is all the noise they produce your ears and all the weight it adds to the bucket. I just realized it could build my fans into my torso piece and pipe air through a tube under my neck seal to circulate my helmet without having to store fans, noise, or batteries inside the bucket itself (along with allow my fans to be regulated by a raspberry pi).

Has anyone done something like this before? I'd love their feedback on how well it worked.
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