RB's Elite Ultra Armor Build

Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by rainbow dash, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. RedKyng17

    RedKyng17 New Member

    Don't use this people the files are taken Down well there go's this costume idea down the drain :cry:
  2. rainbow dash

    rainbow dash Well-Known Member

    I don't get you.
  3. walkinglegends

    walkinglegends New Member

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    I tried to contact this little genious via Facebook but sadly didn't get any response. :(

    Did you ever try for this person again? I just read through your forum here and i wanted to see if you ever finished your elite costume?
  4. rainbow dash

    rainbow dash Well-Known Member

    Oh yes I did indeed and got an answer from him too. Are you interested in the conversation I had with him? I can post it here.
    And no, sadly I never finished my elite costume. I only started with the helmet, but it turned out ugly AF. But it's still my dream cosplay and I haven't abandoned it yet. Reach Elites were the best, Halo 4 Elites sucked, Halo 5 too, I have no hope for Halo 6.
    I learned some new things in 3DS Max that might come handy when tackling templates again. All will be posted here of course when tthe time has finally come.

    Oh yeah and just in case you haven't figured out yet I have the files updated.
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  5. walkinglegends

    walkinglegends New Member

    That's really kool! And i am 100% in agreement with you on the elites! Reach was the best, and the new halo game designs SUCK!
    I'm sorry your helmet didn't come out the way you were hoping for. Do you have a shop or space that you work out of or are you working from home/Are you near LA? :) I've seen this guy before, which is why i ask.

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