RB's Elite Ultra Armor Build

Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by rainbow dash, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. Seth Knight

    Seth Knight

    Downloaded the attachment thanks very much RD. Can't wait to see how this goes :)

  2. Croc co

    Croc co Member

    I'm looking forward to this

    +1 sub and +1 f request
  3. rainbow dash

    rainbow dash Well-Known Member

    Ok everyone, first unfold is finished! :D I started with the belt. The belt is is universal and used in every elite class. I built in some support struts, hope you like it. I just remembered at that very moment that Satmcho III already did a Reach Elite belt. xD Should have done an armor-piece that hasn't been already modeled. Ok, well, now we have two of them ^^

    Download Halo Reach Elite Belt

    The torso is giving me a hard time, because it's based of two models (back which is the same for every elite, and front, which differs in every class). The problem is that the two models are intermeshing. It's hard to get an easy to build pep file from these models. I'm not a 3D modeller, I can't edit the geometry of the models to a greater extent. I'm lacking skills to do that.
  4. Quick question for the build's sake:

    Will you be making/unfolding all of the models before you start making them? Or are you going to jump right in and unfold as you go?
  5. rainbow dash

    rainbow dash Well-Known Member

    Good question sir! According to my usual workflow I probably do the unfolding first and then start crafting.

    Here's the foam unfold of Satchmo III's elite belt:
    Download Elite Belt foam template

    I love it when people give me foam templates, makes it so much easier, and why would I want to make heavy resin props for a costume that's gonna be heavy enough with the bulky undersuit and stilts to start with?

    You sir, are my new favourite person that I don't know.
  7. rainbow dash

    rainbow dash Well-Known Member

    You're welcome ^^

    Another day, another unfold.

  8. Croc co

    Croc co Member

    Make sure to share the under suit plans you have. I might be able to help somehow...
  9. rainbow dash

    rainbow dash Well-Known Member

    I don't have any ideas for the undersuit yet, probably a black jumpsuit with a lot of stuffing.

    Another Unfold Update:

    Elite Shin/Toes: (by Satchmo III)
    Download Elite Shin/Toes Foam Template
  10. Croc co

    Croc co Member

    im unfolding elite undersuit files at the moment
  11. Since I don't have enough progress to start my own build thread, I'll just leave this here. Not trying to hijack or anything.
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  12. rainbow dash

    rainbow dash Well-Known Member

    mkay, but I'm not sure how to use these for an undersuit build.

    Wow, that looks great! How long can you stand with the stilts?
    Well, I have zero progress ^^ you've already started with the stilts ;)

    I've put every file toghether into 1 pep file so you can check proportions with the pepakura measurement tool.

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  13. Walking isn't comfortable, and as you could tell, I really just want to go back to normal standing pretty quickly. I'm waiting for some bungee cords I ordered to come in so that I can attach the leg braces. It should be much more comfortable to walk in then.
  14. Sorry for double posting in another person's thread (heresy!) but I found something for you.

    About yesterday I stumbled onto this guy's awesomeness, and he has some designs a bit farther from gryphern's, but he was also the guy that made CanineHybrid's, so he's gotta be good! They look just about as cheap to make (given you have access to the tools,) and it'll probably be a better result.

    I'm almost done my stilts. Once they're done, I might make a mark two closer to these depending on my mood, we'll see.

    PART 1
    PART 2
    PART 3

    Enjoy! Hope you learn from my mistakes. I really need to start a build thread, but for now I guess I can half-share yours.
  15. everyonesproblm

    everyonesproblm New Member

    A different build for stilts

    So I came up with idea that uses the DIY stilt instructions, only instead of building your own brace you can get a pair of ski boots and thread them to the wooden foot. this may or may not be cheaper depending on how you get your boots. I bought mine at a antique/consignment store for 2.50$ so I came out ok. I am in the process of building them but I think the idea should work.
  16. I've seen that idea used before, and to me it just looks like a lot of pressure on your shins. The leg brace is vital, and the best designs I've seen utilize a brace going all the way up to the thigh.

    The main problem with ski boots is that you will be unable to move your foot, making it much less lifelike.
  17. rainbow dash

    rainbow dash Well-Known Member


    RTWHOCKEY Jr Member

    Dude, I'm glad your still at it with this build. I remember looking through this thread a while ago when i considered building my own ultra and being sad it never got finished. I'm glad your still at it. :)
  19. This is still in the works? Cool! I've mostly abandoned all progress on everything for quite a while, but I really hope that someone can do this thing! Good luck to you!
  20. rainbow dash

    rainbow dash Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry to hear that :( what happened? your stilts are amazing!
    Well, I wouldn call it "in the works" but at least I didn't abandon it yet. And I was a bit lazy at unfolding elite stuff as well. Yes, I wanna finish my spartan first, and may wanna do some Iron Man / War Machine costume next. Maybe not next summer, but after next summer I will approach this project with some sobriety.

    And here's a picture of the bad boy I wanna bring to life. :)

  21. PHIL 907

    PHIL 907

    I will definitely be following this thread. This is amazing! If you pull off the proportions and do a good job I think elite might be in your future!
  22. Croc co

    Croc co Member

    Hehehe wort wort wort says the ultra
  23. rainbow dash

    rainbow dash Well-Known Member

    Wort wort wort!

    Hey guys, no update on the project itself, but
    reiseman did an amazing job, he literally unfolded the whole elite ultra armor model. OMG. check it out.

    I just leave this here.


  24. DylanMarx

    DylanMarx Well-Known Member

    Is it to size rainbow?
  25. rainbow dash

    rainbow dash Well-Known Member

    It's sized to 2 meters, you have to figure it out yourself.
    You can always go smaller without rearranging the parts.

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