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RB's Elite Ultra Armor Build

Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by rainbow dash, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. quickary

    quickary New Member

    I'm super excited to see you finish this thread up. I'm sure the finished product will be great!
  2. MissingSpartan7


    This file. I need it....
    Any chance of getting a release on this?
  3. rainbow dash

    rainbow dash Well-Known Member

    uhhhhhhm... how about clicking the picture? :D
  4. rickrtickr


    lol that is funny.
  5. DylanMarx

    DylanMarx Well-Known Member

    Usually people post the link either above it or below the picture. that is why he was asking for it. It helps to post (Click Picture).
  6. MissingSpartan7



    Oh dear. I think it's one of those days today.

    E: Basically what Dylan said - I was expecting a link/instructions below the img. It's not inherently obvious that's what you are supposed to do.

    RTWHOCKEY Jr Member

    Wow! Awesome, I'm definitely going to need this for my own ultra build next summer. I'm just glad I don't have to make my own templates now that the entire elite is unfolded :D
  8. rainbow dash

    rainbow dash Well-Known Member

    yeah it is. :D

    Added a caption to the image, I hope everyone can see it. :D

    Awww yeah! Another Elite Ultra. :p Well in my point of view this model needed a little cleanup before doing an entire unfold! But well, here it is, straight from the game, unaltered, real and unfolded. Haha.
    So you really wanna do a pepakura Elite? This is gonna get real heavy! I strongly recommend a foam build!
  9. MissingSpartan7


    Instructions unclear. Trapped in submarine, computer leaking lava.

    jk - that's much more visible.

    RTWHOCKEY Jr Member

    I'm definitely going to unfold it myself for foam, pep is just too much of a pain to make and would be heavy on this large of a suit aswell.
  11. Chainsaw ninja

    Chainsaw ninja Jr Member

    Hey rd keep up the good work Idk if it's too late but elites are huge so if I if your going for realistic size or just a midget elite you should bulk up the desigh maybe put in lots of padding :p can't wait to see it finished!! Wort wort!
  12. Halo Master

    Halo Master

    This is a noob question, but how do you put all the armor files together in one "screen" I guess you could say.
    BTW whose armor is in the first pic, cause I have figured out that it isnt Rainbows. Anyways I think this build has GREAT potential!
  13. rainbow dash

    rainbow dash Well-Known Member

    Uhm, not sure if I got you right, what do you mean by all files in one "screen"?
    That armor is from guy called Elliot, he's not on the 405th.

    Yep, it has potential, I'm still surprised that no one else has approached this armor yet. Guess it really is some "elite" project. :D
  14. Halo Master

    Halo Master

    For example. Having a whole marine suit with all the files together. Hope that helps. I might try the elite sometime....maybe after the marine? Not sure
  15. MissingSpartan7


    ...like putting the files in a folder ⸮

  16. Halo Master

    Halo Master

    Do you have to have the bought version of pep? Cuz its not working.
  17. Spartan8569

    Spartan8569 New Member

    Any update on the suit?! Sorry I am a new Spartan
  18. Meatwad

    Meatwad Jr Member

    Hello, and welcome to the forums. Since you are new, you get a free pass, but you NEED to check the last date of the post before you, which was 11/17/2013. This thread has been dead for almost 2 full years. I doubt the author is even still active. Please do not necro-post anymore. You can pm the author of the thread if you would like.
  19. rainbow dash

    rainbow dash Well-Known Member

    No, not even started. :(

    Oh, he still is. :D
    GuitarMaster157 likes this.
  20. Masternewbie

    Masternewbie New Member

    I thought I would chime in...elite ultra's are very possible...as are digitgrade legs. There is a lot of information out there, including this thread.....for my son last year halloween...about a one month build
    elite 405.jpg 405th 2.jpg

    This site is great for help and information! All hail the 405th! :)

  21. rainbow dash

    rainbow dash Well-Known Member

    This is exactly why I'm sharing my thoughts with you guys, even if I never manage to finish one of my projects someone else probably does. :)
    peterthethinker likes this.
  22. Thane

    Thane New Member

    Sorry for the necro! But where are these files now?
  23. rainbow dash

    rainbow dash Well-Known Member

    Dropbox decided to remove the public folders so the links won't work anymore. If you're still interested I can update them for you.
    TurboCharizard likes this.
  24. Joffersmk2


    This looks awesome and has really helped me think out my own elite build. Have you managed to make/find a foam template for the chest piece of the armour?

    I'd be interested in updated location of the files if thats okay?

    Not sure I'll be braving the stilts on mine though, haha
  25. Om394W01f

    Om394W01f New Member

    You told thane that you could update the files just wondering if you have them updated them yet.

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