Reach Build 3.0


That you do.......then you can put your room back together......taking extreme measures...
I actually stayed up most of last night, took a nap woke up and sealed everything except for the helmet and the chest piece, working on weathering the chest piece now. Then it's into the wind tunnel to be sealed.

learned how to add metal scratches and also maybe went overboard


Ask and ye shall receive...

it’s done(?) I wasn’t able to update the thread because I was blazing through the rest of this and finished it THIS MORNING before going to the con.


Already found things that need to be fixed but it’s minor.


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VA-VA VOOM!!!! Awesome job, you look great!!.
Thanks! I felt like I was John halo XD

Totally just foubd this thread and read it all in one go. Wow...i felt pressure while reading it XD

The paint job looks awesome! The suit looks well balanced sizing wise and overall great on the detailing!! What a fantastic build!
TYSM! The con crunch toward the end was very real! I often laid on the floor of my makeshift red room/paint room and stared at the ceiling wondering if this was worth finishing. While I’m glad I did I still don’t recommend con crunch to anyone!


Wow:love: it looks like you walked right out of the game! The blue visor is a nice touch. It makes you stand out from all the other reach cosplays, myself included. I haven't gotten to my visor yet, maybe I'll make it something other than gold...

I’ve always had a blue visor haha! I did get a gold one to use with the clear visor I got from iconprops but I couldn’t sand down the helmet enough for it to fit in time for the convention. I might just keep it like this for awhile, trying to fit the vacuum formed visor has been an energy drain :(