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Hi I apologies in advance for my spelling, sentence structure and general stupidity in my questions but truth be told I need dire help.

Im an avid builder trying to explore new heights, i discovered this website while searching for power armour tutorials.
i have zero experience in everything that relies on pepakura ( I have not downloaded the app because i do not know if its free or not ) I am searching for just 2d cutouts for the T-51b Power armour helmet, not fileswith pdo because those are useless to me because i cannot access them.

if anyones so kindly to send 2d plans for the t-51 helmet that i can view in jpg id be most apprecieated.

other than that if you cant id like to be taught step by step if you dont mind

thank you for your time reading this reader




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So in stead of saving the will have to save your size separately....and you can always go back and input that scale back in and rework the piece. It is more tedious btu can be done.
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