Robo3687's House Of Armour


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Perceptor said:
Lol, looking very good. The first pic looks a bit like something from the YMCA :p does kinda look like the Iron Man exercise version....


I have the full torso of my Mark IV Iron Man ready to be unfolded. If you want to unfold it, PM me with your email address (dubean and Lo_TechStark, I've already PM'ed you) and I'll send them through with all the scaling info and such.

Here it is all together (i've actually split it into 6 files)

Thanks guys...
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Man, why does everyone else but me seem to have awesome modeling abilities?! haha

Seriously, great work! Can't wait to see people start tackling this!

I may even do your Mark IV and Sharkhead's Mark VI just to add a little variety to my future hall of armor. Sure it'll make more work for me, but this model is just looking too good to pass up!

Good luck with the rest of the model!



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thanks guys,just realised i forgot to do the well i'll do it later....

just working on the forearm at the moment, and if i have the time i'll do the hand before bed as well....

the torso is in the hands of 2 unfolders: Lo_techstark and Jason02, hopefully dubean33 will take a stab at it as well.....

EDIT: and here we are with the arms, no inner elbow thingy yet.....

also didn't get to the it would (rather ironically) appear carpal tunnel might be setting i'll get to those another day....


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JUICE said:
That's awesome robo. I should have let you do the war machine. :D

thanks JUICE, I'm going to do War Machine after I finish this guy (probably with a break in between can't wait to see sharkheads super awesome war machine helmet....he says he's got one as good as his current iron man helmet...hope he shows it soon (if you're reading this sharkhead....thats a massive hint)

also...good news...the first couple of pieces have been unfolded including the codpiece, brace and collar plate....

i'll have them up sometime tomorrow as i really need to go to bed....
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robo this models are real good and seem pretty easy to pep .. congratulations for a work very well done.

if you want , i can give a try and help to unfold ;)


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This is nuts. In an awesome way. I'm totally doing this over the summer, if it gets unfolded in time for that.

I'd unfold it, but I pretty much suck at it anyway :p


Lo techStark

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Just spent the last 3 hours busting down the chest,abs and cod piece.I just have to arrange them on the pages.Gonna take a little break for food and back to work.(the frig is calling me :p)


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Great work on everything thus far robo!! I just downloaded Jason's unfold to check things out, and I must say, very smooth. Again, great work man!!