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ok people. there are a few Roleplaying sites that need some help. they are good friendly sites that are decently laid back and a great place to meet friends.

The first one is set in the avatar world (not the blue ones)
http://avatar-rpg-revised.forumotion.net/ Ran by vermillion emperor kouzai, this is one of the best forum based sites. simply sign up, create a character, wait for approval then start or join a topic. FYI does not and will never include Korra. timeline makes it impossible to add and a rewrite is WAY too much work

http://hideinplainsite.forumotion.com/ Ran by yours truly it has similar rules and environment but set in the assassins creed universe, just after the death of JFK

http://drwhoforumrp.forumotion.com/ another site from me set in the world of doctor who. again it is similar to the avatar rpg.

http://hyrule.forumotion.net/ set in the world of the legend of Zelda, this is another site by kouzai, with the same rules (tailored to hyrule) and atmosphere

please do join. we do need the members and most of the sites are almost dead. please save them
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