RTW's Noble team build WIP [EXTREMELY PIC HEAVY!]

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the build is looking amazing rtw. I was actually just talking about you with spartansonny yesterday. You are one of the few "kids" that know what it means to take pride in your work, and want to help people with what you do.(going to visit sick kidsin the hospital) Keep up the great work.
Can't wait to see how progress is going and how the armor pieces will look painted! Keep up the good work!
Good job with your armor so far and good luck with your grades. I'm in high school myself and I know how easy it can be to devote time that should be used for studying towards my armor project.
Hey, everyone!

So I forgot so save the post I made before the revert back to 405th ver. 4

Oh well.

In the time the 405th was in the ver. 5 "dark zone" I've made lots of progress. Jorges armor is done. Theres a seemingly endless anoint of modifications I need to do to the suit with include: new grenadier shoulder, better strapping, better neck seal, repaint of the chain gun, a new handle on the chain gun (it was embarrassing as hell when it broke at Phx ComicCon, I'll have pics of that later), and various other things.
But first...

Many months ago I promised pics of jorges painted armor. I haven't forgot about it.


I'll edit more pics in a few min on my PC (I'm on my IPad now). My photo bucket keeps crashing my iPad :/ but I promise, there will be more pics!
Everything you done are looking good! Loving your ideas and Jorges amour is looking good! More likely can't wait to see Emile he is my favorite character in Halo Reach. Keep it up! :)
Everything you done are looking good! Loving your ideas and Jorges amour is looking good! More likely can't wait to see Emile he is my favorite character in Halo Reach. Keep it up! :)

Emile is going to be my main focus next. I think I might be loosing the attention of Sam, Wilson and Evan (aka 6, Emile and jun if you need a refresher on the names) on this build so I'm working on their stuff first. But didn't worry too much about them loosing interest and this build stopping, every time they come over to build they look amazed by the armor :D
Wow great job so far! It's awesome that you're family is helping out with this! Looking forward to the rest of the build! ^_^

I'll start where I left off, jorge armor.

you probably already saw this one but whatevs. Paintin' it

starting battle damage




here it is under indoor light

the collar attatchment


the eva shoulder-

i unfoldedd the file for foam myself, and this is what i ended up with. you can copy paste this to a word doc and print if you want ( i guess)

heres how it turned out. the little holes are burnedin with my glue gun


heres how it looks with the bicep and how everything looks like on my dad:


Thats all the pics it will allow me in this post. But i want to remind you, THIS IS OLD NEWS. All these pics are from months ago but were lost with the old ver. 5 forums.

more pics continued next post...
more jorge pics

The jorge helmet was a rush job a few days before my deadline of phx comicon. If I have time before haloween I'll redo it. There was no bondo work, and I'm not proud of it. :/





I realized some 24 hors before comicon tht the jorge helmet i printed out didnt have the attachment. It was on the model, but didnt print. So i scratchbuilt it.




I cut my finger up pretty bad during the process, so thats why theres blood all over it, in case you're wondering :p



on the helmet




other than the helmet, i also got some pics of jorges shins, which I scratchbuilt out of eva foam


thats all for jorge. pics of noble 6 next post!
noble 6 armor

If the last posts were all about Jorge, this ones about what Ive done on the 6 armor.

The biggest progress I've made was on the helmet. Sam informed me he wanted white armor and a black visor, so I was lucky i had some black window tint film sitting around.

This is what I came up with:





the 6 chest is finished aswell. I've decided I'm not going to mold it, because it kinda sux :/ Its going to be Sam's personal chest piece, and im going to make another to mold.


heres how it looks with the ab wrap

Also, a few months ago, Evan (Jun) came over to check out all the gear and needless to say, he had way to much fun with it :D

im gonna need more fake moss for jun's sniper neck cover

a hopefully a before and after

Since then Ive also finished a second forearm, both biceps, a codpiece, and bothe shins, which Im going to give to Wilson (Emile) because the shins came out really small for Sam (N6), and Wilson's the shortest of us.

This weekend Ive been messing with silicon calk and ended up molding a handplate (no pics yet), and Im in the process of waiting for the 2nd layer of calk to dry on the biceps now, before starting the 3rd then 4th layer of silicon.

more pics next post- Phx comicon!
Phoenix comic con!!!

So, I managed to finished jorge for comic con. The 95 degree (F) heat made a a lot of the pieces brake sadly :( Anyways, we all had fun. I wore my Mark VI, my dad was Jorge, little bro was ODST dutch.



me and RoxyRoo. She was awesome!

Who were these spartans?? I didn't catch their names.

Store bought Chief costume guy. He was impressed by us 405thers.

halo 4 chief. Didn't catch his name either.


jorge hoggin the spotlight




wazzup yo!


We all had a ton of fun, and it was jorges first con so he was a bit stressed by the attention, but we still had fun!

and lastly... a video!

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No comments? Well, I got more pics of stuff.

So, phase 2 of this build has begun: the molding.

Over the last week I've been working on molding one of my hand plates and casting out copy's, and I gotta say, for $20 in supplies for all the silicon and resin/bondo, im really liking the results.


Here is all the hand plates together. The white one in the upper right is the foam original.


A close up of the original


This Jorge hand plate turned out flawed


Best cast so far


This one is also a bit flawed, it's missing the part on the from that sticks out a bit further (and this is Carter's hand plate, and I am aware that its supposed to be sliver, but I'm gonna keep it blue for now)

But so far, I'm happy with the results. The casts are not very strong, so when I'm casting the biceps and bigger pieces, im going to use pieces of fiberglass mat in the mold with the rondo to help add strength, because these hand plates are just cast in rondo and they aren't very strong.

Here's a quick teaser of the molded biceps-



I've been using lip balm and some type of hair cream (which is very similar to vaseline) as mold release agents, the the silicon comes off BEAUTIFULLY, as seen here-

There is a lot of air bubbles in the molds, but there's not much I can do about that, and its not that big of a deal to just sand the casts a little bit to get rid of the bumps where there's bubbles in the mold.

Thanks for looking in everyone, I hope you are enjoying this as much as I am.

One last thing, I'm flying out to upstate NY tomorrow to visit my grandparents, so you won't see any updates for the next week and a half while I'm gone. I might be on to answer questions, but no pics for the next week.

Again, thanks for looking in!

Edit: since I know someone will ask, this is NOT rebound 25. It is regular window and door silicon from Walmart (make sure it's 100% if you want to try this yourself, btw). It's pink on the first layer because I add a drop of red acrylic paint on top of some liquid glycerine to help it have even more non-stick. The glycerine is clear, so I add the red to help tell when I have it evenly mixed in. And because I like the color. Maybe I'll experiment with more paint in my silicon to make different color molds!
Nice job! That's cool that you can get all the molding supplies for a good price! When you get to NY you'll get to enjoy the nice weather here (that was sarcasm. It's been raining here all week)! Everything looks wonderful! :)
Nice job! That's cool that you can get all the molding supplies for a good price! When you get to NY you'll get to enjoy the nice weather here (that was sarcasm. It's been raining here all week)! Everything looks wonderful! :)

Thank you! Yeah, the price is pretty great, but it lacks quality of nice SmoothOn stuff like rebound and draganskin. I'm gonna buy a gallon of rebound anyways for molding bigger pieces like the helmet and torso, as well as the shins and thighs so I can cast them in some fancy Flexfoam-It and latex urithain rubber. And I am in NY now, it's cloudy but no rain :D (thank god, considering I had to fly with my mom and brother who both get air sick if there's turbulence).
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