RWBY Qrow's Sword Scythe

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  1. Benton188


    Tired of waiting for them to show off the scythe form, and after digging around on the internet for some still shots and gifs of the transformation process, I have decided to start work on Qrow's sword scythe gun thing (It doesn't have a name yet) Production is in its earliest stage right now, meaning I'm still gathering materials and planning various stages in my head. The weapon will be fully transformable and can take on the 4 different modes: Compact, Sword, Gun, and Scythe. For additional added flare I will also be trying to have the gears spin when I press a button on the handle, they won't do anything for the transformation but it'll look cool. I've added some pictures I'll be using as reference below and I'll start building right after January 17th.

    Qrow Scythe 2.png Qrow Scythe Gun Mode.png Qrow scythe transformation.gif


    This project is about 98% done. WIth that said, I have gone ahead and made a tutorial/demonstration video for the weapon. That video can be found here:

    I have also now included a full parts list of everything I've used for this build. The total cost.....$123
    Qrow Scythe Parts List.jpg

    I will probably make one last post in here, once the sword is 100% complete, and it makes it's debut at PAX East 2016 on Apr 22nd. Until then, enjoy the video :)
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  2. Benton188


    Actually gonna get to start a little earlier than planned due to another project going smoothly. Grabbed some materials from the Home Depot today. PVC pipes to use for the expanding handle, a 4" PVC cap for the round part of the edge guard, 2 PVC caps for the biggest part of the handle to attach to the round part and bottom of the handle. Some screws to later use for attaching the blade and getting it to rotate into different positions (I will show how it's done in a later post). Then I also got a 1'x6' common board, and a 2'x4' thin detail board for the blade. Haven't got anything for the gun part or back of the scythe yet, but I'll save that for another trip. Also, after looking over the whole blade I think it may be too hard to get it to fold in on itself for the "Compact Mode" so I may have to cancel trying to get that to work.
  3. Benton188


    Got some kayak paddle spring clips and put them inside of the handle. So when the handle extends outward it will grip onto these pins, and when I need to fold it they push back in. The last PVC pipe was about 1/16" too thick to fit inside the 1"pipe, so I had to do a bunch of sanding to get it to fit correctly. The bottom PVC cap is attached to the smallest pipe via 2oz of fiberglass resin poured into it. The bottom cap also serves to grip onto the biggest pipe and secure the other two pipes in place so they won't just slide out. Overall length when the pipes are extended is just over 48" which can be seen when compared to the sheet board behind it.
    12549109_1236493036364524_2085795545278221890_n.jpg 12507271_1236493103031184_6021537977558350448_n.jpg 12509143_1236514016362426_2336090494127792994_n.jpg

    Also, I cut out the main body of the blade today from 3/4" thick common board. Blade length is about 44" in total. Next step for the blade is to cut out 2 duplicates on the sheet board so it'll lay over top both sides of the sword. This will be explained in my next update. p.s. Ignore the mess, I know I need to clean my work station lol.
    12438973_1236492969697864_2405877864869468931_n.jpg 12507097_1236492996364528_3498636208244825378_n.jpg 12400757_1236493189697842_7390192583013555335_n.jpg
  4. evercross

    evercross New Member

    Good morning,

    I created an account just to say, this is awesome. I saw the previous Qrow weapon you created and found it to be quite nice. I am really looking forward to seeing how this comes out. I appreciate you giving all the updates. I'm not too good with handy work, but if you wind up making any kind of guides or tutorials for this I will probably try and make it myself as well. I just got a Qrow cosplay, costume, wig, and sword commissioned. They said they couldn't do the transformation from sword to scythe. Keep up the good work. I hope it comes out as well as you want it to.

    Have a nice day.
  5. Benton188


    Thanks! Once it's done I'll make a video to explain all the parts, tools, and steps I used to make it. Until then, I'll keep putting updates up weekly. I'd also be interested in to knowing wear you acquired your Qrow outfit from. I have everything but the tailcoat shirt that he wears.
  6. evercross

    evercross New Member

    That's great. I can't wait to see your finished product. I purchased the wig and the Sword from EZCosplay. Sword is $159.99. Wig is $36.99. They are selling just the coat and jacket as well as a full set. Full set is $85.99. Cape and Coat is $59.99. Shoes are $31.99. I didn't purchase the costume from them though. EZCosplay gave me a discount code of WWW30 (30% off the order). I commissioned the full costume from Lotahk, I contacted them through e-mail at

    Others I contacted who said they would do commissions for this are:
  7. Benton188


    Perfect! Thank you so much =)
  8. 1derzone

    1derzone New Member

    Hey, I have updated that GIF you're using for reference. It's on the comments on Qrow's weapon on the RWBY wiki.

    I can't wait to see how you work will turn out. Good luck!
  9. Benton188


    Cool. I see that the back part of the scythe doesn't need to swing down anymore, but I'm wondering if it's supposed to sit down, or if it flairs out to shoot straight off the back. The only thing that makes me wonder this is the silhouette from season two.
  10. 1derzone

    1derzone New Member

    On a scale of 1 to Over 9000, how pissed will you be if Qrow's sword doesn't really transform into a scythe?
  11. Benton188


    ehh, probably a 2. Even if it doesn't in the show, i'd make it do it in real life.
  12. 1derzone

    1derzone New Member

    How are you planning to do the transformation of the blade. I am totally clueless
  13. Benton188


    Sorry for the lack of an official update this week. Had a con over the weekend, plus we got dumped on by 2 feet.....yes feet of snow. Plus it's been about 16 degrees outside with moderate winds, all this making it very hard to get motivation to bring my wood working tools inside. Plus, I'm also trying to determine the best way to get the blade to unfold smoothly, and I'm only going to have one shot to do it right. I promise to put up an official update here sometime within the next 3 days.
  14. Benton188


    Update time:
    After staring at the inner blade part for roughly 2 hours, I finally figured out what angles I needed to cut. Here are some more progress pics. You can now see what I have in mind to make the blade transform:

    12541069_1245327358814425_8522526792953390986_n.jpg 12631520_1245327385481089_1859571898919424767_n.jpg 12510327_1245327412147753_5297566914185848667_n.jpg 12508681_1245327485481079_1957347254517095003_n.jpg 12552850_1245327565481071_3607686470954952072_n.jpg 12573005_1245327618814399_6791353784527851745_n.jpg
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  15. GingerOfDoom


    Okay dude, that is really stinking clever.. The funny thing is that you were even trying to describe this to me.. those pictures really bring it all home. I am super impressed, very cool!
  16. 1derzone

    1derzone New Member

    you should have asked for the specs i used in the GIF hahaha. If it's not too late I used 20-20-10-10 degree turns starting from the one nearest to the handle

    - - - Updated - - -

    Qrow 11.png
    here's a screenshot of the 2D model I made
  17. Benton188


    Yeah, it's a little late but I'm not sure if it would have helped with these angles though. Thanks anyway.

    Here's another quick update. I'll have some free time over the weekend to get more done, but for now I got the hinges added to the inner core. The hinges help to rotate the pieces easier and keep them from separating completely. The middle one does not have a hinge on purpose. This way I can instead detach the last 3 pieces of the blade and have the weapon appear to be in "Carry Mode". While it would have been cool to make it collapse in on itself, I found it to hard to make it that way, and instead opted for this route.

    12642672_1248216935192134_5328996769116130047_n.jpg 12509356_1248216961858798_7798178307852159537_n.jpg
  18. Benton188



    The first thing you'll probably notice is the paint job. May have gotten ahead of myself a little bit with it, but I wanted to start showing progress, especially after I burnt my brain out trying to figure out the whole unfolding process. So here are some more pictures of the build:

    12669525_1251606298186531_1211713470353301774_n.jpg 12644897_1251428271537667_2711514050824255039_n.jpg 12644755_1251606334853194_789570143688280982_n.jpg 12645029_1251606421519852_7946041866754679072_n.jpg
    Some before and after paint job pictures. Also took a picture in 3 of it's forms: Sword, Scythe, and Compact. Compact will probably be just primarily for photo shoots as it seems impractical to just carry the other half of the sword around.

    10354824_1251606454853182_8892424304081402358_n.jpg 12651256_1251606481519846_4583227506267101285_n.jpg 12654541_1251606544853173_2446918770573042048_n.jpg 12651256_1251606578186503_2384646723800658588_n.jpg
    Some up close pics of how the unfolding mechanics work. To transform it from sword to scythe, I need to insert an allen wrench into the tiny holes on one side of the blade. Inside the holes are sunken 1/4" bolts that screw down to lock, and up to unlock. In the locked position, the bolts come out the other side to be flush and prevent the section from moving. On the inside of the main housing, there is a single wing bolt that runs through to an anchor on the blade. To change from sword to either scythe or gun mode I can untwist the bolt, freeing the blade and then move it to another position on the main housing.

    I was trying to find a suitable way of building this without the need of a tool, but it just didn't pan out. The 1/4" bolts provide way more sturdiness than any other method I could think of, and that's important as the blade itself weighs close to 10lbs. More pictures to come as this project keeps moving forward.
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  19. Korium9

    Korium9 New Member

    Just adding that I also registered to say how awesome this is.

    If I may, just openly asking if I can try copying the blade design? (Don't know when I'd finish -- hopefully by Fanime)
    I'll probably build it out of different materials (most likely sintra & EVA foam) & will need to make mods for a different transformation method.
    (I want to try something like those segmented toys that collapse when you press a button, but was trying to figure out the inner pieces when I found this build).
  20. Benton188


    Yeah, feel free to use anything from this design. I post my progress so other people can use it and know how it works :)
  21. Sentinel66

    Sentinel66 New Member

    Do you have any plans now that the official design has been revealed?
  22. Korium9

    Korium9 New Member

    Thanks, much appreciated.

    It's the internet, so there's probably a better pic somewhere, but someone posted in the page commentary on the RWBY Wikia:'s_Weapon
    (Direct link may not be working as my forum-fu is weak)
  23. Benton188


    I'm gonna keep going with what I have done and planned. I will change the coloration of the handle to match, and I had already planned to have the back blades and gun barrels rotate to different positions. I always wondered if a blade would come out the back of the main blade when it goes into scythe mode, and now that's been answered. Unfortunately I don't think there is a way to add that to this build. Right now I have some gears coming from eBay for the body, and I'm working on the gun barrels, back blades, and rest of the housing. Also planning on how I want the gears to spin.
  24. Benton188


    Here are some more pics of what I've gotten done in the past few days:
    12688247_1257395467607614_7125117657381772961_n.jpg 12734077_1257395434274284_6852175630059587379_n.jpg
    Made some changes to how I wanted the blade to attach to the body. I was finding it difficult to find a way to get into the main housing to turn the bolt, especially once I started adding the gears. So I opted to get some cam bolts and cams to replace the screw. Now all it takes is one turn of an allen wrench to engage or disengage in different positions. They're not locked in place just yet as I have to add a block of wood inside the housing so the screws have something to grip into.
    12661748_1257395524274275_7665714557798661225_n.jpg 12669459_1257395494274278_7364029831082429202_n.jpg 12688032_1257395384274289_1225875878645795634_n.jpg 12744089_1257395354274292_2746408912500088737_n.jpg
    Made an outline for the rest of the housing. These will cut out and stack two on each side to add volume to the sides. More on that when I get them cut out. I also got my order of Lego gears. I've been tinkering around to find the best set up inside the housing, and I've devised a way to have the gears appear and spin on both sides of the housing now. I also tested the fan that I'm using to spin the gears. Works good :)
  25. PerniciousDuke

    PerniciousDuke RXO 405th Regiment Officer

    I'm having a hard time contemplating how impressed I'm going to be after you put this all together when I compare it to how impressed I have been so far by your progress. :confused Not to confuse you even more. lol. Solid work so far! Keep it up! This is going to be one sick weapon.
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