Sangheili ranger build (Satchmo III)


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You have some really impressive detail working in the foam. All the seam lines work really well for the ranger armor. They look better in this style than they do even in the reach armor. Keep up the great work


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I remember using the same sort of mechanism for the legs of a werewolf costume, but I had never thought of using it for an elite. I made the mistake of using shoes that were too small on mine though, and walk around in them for a few hours. Good build


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This is going to turn out fab O_O Going to be keeping a close eye on this thread =P



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I agree make the elite... elite... ahem.. but yeah not suprising something like this coming from satch' cain't wait to see the thing finished. However what are you going to make for a weapon?


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This looks amazing, I'll keep a close eye on this thread. I would suggest making dual wield plasma rifles, or a plasma repeater. :p